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Unique Advantages Of French Casement Windows You Must Know

Window replacement is an excellent way to increase the value of your house. To that end, choosing the correct window style to enhance efficiency, function, and aesthetics is critical. While casement windows are well known, most people are not aware of the stellar benefits of French casement windows. 

French casement windows 

French casement windows offer numerous advantages and are fast becoming one of the most popular windows installation choices. This charming window design is made up of two panels that swing inwards or outwards. The windows usually lack a vertical post in the middle. 

French casements in an open position provide an uninterrupted view of the outside. While the operability feature can vary depending on customization preferences, the push-out french style casement window is the most prevalent.

When Should You Use French Style Casement Windows?

When it comes to installing a window in a wide, open space like the bedroom or kitchen-dining area, french casement windows beautifully complement the space and aesthetics. The windows let in maximum light and air because of the wide-opening feature. French windows’ price is determined by the quality of the material as well as their size. 

For instance, you can find various cheaper alternatives of UPVC french windows, but the most efficient and sturdy French windows are composed of aluminum. Aluminum French windows offer the finest value for money when it comes to a high-quality, elegant product. Such windows are also energy-efficient, long-lasting, secure, and functional.

What are the Advantages of French Casement Windows?

So, what are the benefits of a French casement window, and why should you consider it? Let’s go through some of the beneficial features to help you decide.

Allows Plenty of Fresh Air

French windows swing open to a 90-degree angle or more, allowing plenty of fresh air to enter the room. If you only need a little airflow and don’t want to open the windows all the way, you can also choose to open just one side and make the windows operate like standard casement types.

High Technology Locking Mechanism

The security system of French windows is commendable. Top window manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA install in the windows with a crescent locking mechanism. It is sturdier than a generic push lock and does not minimize the operationality of the windows. 

Effective Energy Efficiency 

Aluminum French windows undergo anodization. Providers like TOSTEM INDIA add another layer of protection, known as TEXGUARD coating. Such a protective layer enables the windows to not destabilize the temperature by absorbing unnecessary heat. 

Low Upkeep

TEXGUARD coated French aluminium windows require very little maintenance as they are resistant to dust accumulation and corrosion. The windows can be kept clean with the minimal wiping of the glass area now and then. As a result, unlike wood or uPVC, French aluminum windows don’t need constant attention or regular treatment. 


There are many options for customizing french-style casement windows, making them appealing to design-conscious architects and homeowners. 


French casement windows are available in a wide range of styles and colors. When you buy casements from reputed names of the housing industry, you will get pre-engineered system windows, a 40-year guarantee for lustre and colour retention, patented TEXTGUARD technology coating, and cost-effective rates. 

French casement doors are the choicest style for modern homes, and for all the good reasons we have discussed in this article. These windows will make a stunning addition to any home, making a drastic difference with just one installation. So, if you’re seeking doors that will instantly enhance the look of your home, consider installing french casement doors.

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