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Use of Fire Proof Fabric in Industries

We believe that the most difficult job in the world is of those workers undoubtedly who have to physically exert their manpower and carry out their tasks from morning till noon/evening for the sake of earning bread and butter. Working with fire, electrical units, hard chemicals, heavy tools and machinery, and rough materials requires a special uniform kit for the worker’s cloth protection.

Protective Wear for Workers

Protection of workers is highly important in fields where they have to face harsh and difficult conditions such as fire, flame, sparks, electrical arc, and so forth. Conditions like these require clothes that shall protect them from any hazards that leave painful scars for always. To avoid such accidents, many manufacturers around the world have tried to come up with fabrics, and clothing that protects the workers from any such mishap. Several producers currently producing such needful fabrics, which are also shipping over numerous countries, with over various types of fabrics with a variety of colour and patterns to choose from.

Types of Fabric available

The flameproof fabric that is used in making protective uniforms usually incorporates materials like pure cotton, or blends of cotton, nylon, and polyester we produce is further supplied as raw material,  to other uniform makers which protect workers against heat, flames, sparks, electrical arc and hot metal splash. These suppliers have been able to produce improved fireproof clothes over the years due to their modern processes along with specialized FR treatments in the making of fire retardant fabrics along with other innovative FR technologies.

Factors to Consider

The most important thing in manufacturing process is meeting the international standards.

fireproof fabric

The final product that goes out of our warehouse is unfailing with the standard of comfort, and durability. With the latest innovations and research tools, these fire redundant fabrics are used for workers in various industries such as oil & gas, foundry and welding, and utility & electricity etc. Below are some of the factors to be considered for the fabric to surpass as high quality material:

  • Flame resistant
  • Electrical arc resistant
  • Molten/rugged metallic sparks resistant
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Comfortable
  • Skin friendly

Electrical and Utility Industry

Fireproof fabrics are a great need for the workers in the Electrical and Utility industry as they have chances of life taking and damaging accidents. Since workers in this field have to work in a lot of heat and often have to face circumstances including electric arc, flames, sparks etc. so several manufacturers have especially made fireproof clothing material for them. Moreover, this range of fabric has got a vast collection of colours and patterns available to choose from such as strong twills, comfortable satins, durable canvases and many more.

For industries like these, the fireproof textiles incorporate cotton as well as fine blends to provide comfort as well as protection from the scorching heat and flames so that every worker can give his best effort in return.

Workers in Oil and Gas fields

There are many producers and suppliers all around the world that specifically cater to the production of flameproof fabric for workers in the oil and gas industry. The fabric produced under this line is to protect the workers from extreme heat. Flame also give utmost comfort when it is worn.

fireproof fabric

We understand that the use of the best quality cotton in the making of the fireproof fabric materials for these hard workers is vital to provide durability, strength and comfort. Kits for these workers should be strong enough to bear these washing cycles without losing its protective nature and comfort.

Foundry and welding industry

Protective wear for workers in the foundry and welding industry is also very important. To attain both comfortability and safety for the workers when they wear their protective uniform made out of this fabric.

In order to produce and further supply such kinds of fabrics, manufacturers require to meet all international sets of standards and certifications in order to be a known flameproof fabric supplier.


Over the years, fire redundant fabric producers all over the world have done numerous research and development to make the finest, most comfortable, lightweight fireproof clothing material for the workers safety.

fireproof fabric

Severl leading suupliers have now been able to produce a fabric that is not only fire-resistant but is now also stretchable and is abrasion-resistant. With the latest set of technology and mechanism, reasearchers have been been able to come with a product that provides not only protection from heat, sparks, fire, and flames, but also gives maximum comfort along with flexibility and high abrasion resistance. All of this is to provide workers ar rough working sites like construction, rigging, welding etc.

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