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Virtual Event ideas to Boost Sponsorship Revenue

Whenever an event is organised, a lot of arrangements are required to make. These arrangements let the event organiser bring the event to the physical world from the paper. But all these arrangements depend upon the Budget of the organiser or the money secured through sponsorship. And getting sponsors for your virtual event is not an easy feat.

However, getting sponsors for a virtual event is a challenge on another level. And since many parts are still in lockdown, one cannot use conventional techniques like banners or outdoor ads. So what is the solution? The answer is using new methods.

Adopting a new strategy for new generation events

You need to change your approach to promote your event sponsors in the new normal. You cannot use old methods like outdoor advertising or other offline marketing techniques. Instead, you need the solutions that are relevant to the new world. And you need to shift focus to the digital audience. So you should deploy all the digital marketing techniques to promote your event sponsors in the online world.

To target your audience effectively, you need a new strategy. And bifurcate this strategy in three stages that are pre-event, during the event and post-event. Now you must be thinking about what you should do to promote your sponsors in digital settings? Don’t worry. We have some exciting ideas to generate revenue by promoting your sponsors digitally.

Ideas to boost sponsorship revenues

Promoting the sponsors before the event

There are tons of opportunities to promote your sponsors before the event like-

  • You can invite bloggers to write a guest blog on your event website.
  • Use your sponsors’ logo and messages in your email newsletters and social media posts.
  • Another effective way to promote your sponsors is to enable your sponsors to offer a free demo of their product or services before the event. You can allow this trial period weeks or months before the event. Earlier the trial period begins, more people will be able to test it. And will contact the sponsors at the event.
  • Provide the attendees with goody bags. If you get the address of the attendee, then ship the bag to their location before the event.
  • If shipping goody bags is not possible, then provide the attendees with digital gift bags. It could include digital coupons or vouchers.
  • Since you cannot eat together, you can send snacks or lunch to the attendees.
  • Also, before the event, you can run a giveaway competition. You can ask the users on social media to post something about your sponsors. And the winners will be declared in the event.
  • Before the event, you can share the messages from the sponsors of your event. And ask them to say something about the event or their brand. It will make the sponsors visible before the event.

Promoting sponsors during the event

Now it’s time to integrate your sponsors into the event.

  • You can introduce your sponsors to your event attendees during the keynotes, breakouts, networking spaces, or registration pages. You can display the logos of the sponsors in the background of the presentation. Or different locations in the lobby.
  • In a virtual event, you can have a Photobooth. And in this photobooth, you can put logos of the sponsors. So attendees can see the sponsors while clicking their photos.
  • Also, you can have dynamic banners in your virtual event. Use these banners to showcase the logos of the sponsors. And allow the attendees to visit the website or chat with sponsors by clicking these banners.
  • Alternatively, you can have a wall or space dedicated to your sponsors. Here you can add the sponsor’s logo, website links and QR codes.
  • Use the sponsor’s promotional video before the keynote session or online sessions for a few minutes. Also, you can use small screens where the sponsor’s promotional video can be played on loop.
  • During the online sessions, you can provide your attendees with games or quizzes to relax. And these games or quizzes can be related to the sponsors of your event.
  • You can offer your sponsors to organise an online session or place an exhibitor booth in your event.
  • Add your sponsors in the breakout rooms so that they directly engage with the attendees. Alternatively, you can place your sponsors in the speakers’ panel during a live Q&A session.
  • Also, you can provide your sponsors with a team that can work with them to create content for sponsors that can be used in breakout rooms.
  • Sometimes sponsors have connections with celebrities. So you can provide them with space and time slots in your event. So that they can promote the sponsor during the event. This can be in the form of a video call.
  • You can ask the attendees at your event to visit the sponsors’ booth in the event. And the ones who tour all the booths first will score the highest points on the leaderboard.
  • During the event, you can conduct multiple polls. And you can ask questions about the sponsors of your event in these polls. It will make the attendees notice the sponsors in the event.

Promoting sponsors after the event

You can continue promoting your sponsors even after the event.

  • You can share the small clips of your event on social media after the event. And along with this, you can share a short video or photos of your sponsors’ session or booth.
  • After the event, you can have a small event for sponsors. In this event, attendees can have a 1:1 interaction with all the sponsors. It will allow the sponsors to have a direct conversation with the potential clients. Here, sponsors can give presentations or answer questions. Also, they can manage their content. It is advised to promote this event with the main event.
  • You can continue promoting your sponsors by mentioning them in social media posts. Or writing blogs about them. Also, you can mention them in your newsletters.
  • You can ask the attendees to fill the feedback form after the event. Mention the sponsors of your event in the feedback form. Ask questions like which sponsor booth you liked the most? Or what’s your favourite thing about that sponsor? And so on. This will let the attendees recall the sponsors of your event.

These are some ideas to promote the sponsors of your event. And this strategy will provide the sponsors of your event with a broader exposure.

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