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Artificial Intelligence

Want to Start Your Career with Artificial Intelligence?

The world is getting digitally advanced. The use of artificial intelligence is growing in each sector. Artificial intelligence is not only about robots, chatbots, self-driving cars, and digital assistance anymore. The use of this technology is spreading over each industrial and daily life-based activity.

AI career opportunities have increased pretty much over the years as well due to its growing demand. With growing demand, it is creating tons of job opportunities in the AI industry. If you want to start your career with Artificial Intelligence, it can be a more promising career opportunity than other jobs these days.

The future of Artificial intelligence

AI is impacting the future of all of us virtually. It has its effect on every industry and every human being. AI has helped develop so many advanced technologies like big data, robotics, and the Internet of Things. We can see that it will keep up its innovation for unseen technically advanced future.

As per research, jobs that require high complexity are being replaced by machines. Economists say then within ten years, in Nigeria, most low-level jobs like collecting data from objects will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Ai has this ability to do activities that are associated with the level of human intelligence. Yet, experts believe that AI is not as intelligent as humans; AI can learn new things, analyze what they learn, manipulate data at will,, and then solve problems using what they learn.

Artificial intelligence and career

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science. Some people refer to it as machine intelligence. Basically, we can say that AI is a field in computer science that makes machines intelligent to learn humans’ minds and then work in the same way as humans. AI will build human-like machines that will think on their own, act on its own and understand others just like humans do.

As its growing use in most fields, its already making its path to a stage where it will replace humans in several job roles by using smart gadgets and automation. However, this time is still too far to come where intelligent machines will take over everyday human activities.

Talking about a career in the AI industry, you will have many job opportunities in this field. You can become a machine learning engineer, data scientist, business intelligence developer, research scientist, and AI engineer. An AI engineer has the most promising job in the Artificial intelligence industry these days. Besides AI engineer, you will have many other career options in this field.

Career options with artificial intelligence

  • Big data engineer: 

    A big data engineer creates an ecosystem for a business to interact more efficiently. Main objective of a big data engineer is to build and administer big data of a company. Also, they have to carry out the function of big data outcomes in a robust manner.

The big data engineers usually get more salary than other AI roles. This job role is best suited for you if you love to play with new tech tools and step above the relational database box.

  • Data scientist: 

    A data scientist gathers relevant data from multiple sources to gain constructive inferences. These conclusions help a business to tackle various issues related to business. Data scientists study all of the past and present data patterns and make predictions based on it.

  • Machine learning engineer:

    A Machne learning engineer builds and maintains such self-running software that eases up machine learning initiatives. Machine learning engineers are in most demand in the AI industry as they are available in rarity, and their demand is too much. A machine learning engineer is efficient in working with a big pile of data and manage it skillfully.

  • AI data analyst:

    An AI data analyst plays data mining, data cleaning, and data explanation. They collect require data to carry out data explanation with cleaning process and also useless data gets discard in the process.

  • AI engineer: 

    AI engineers are a big deal who help us by developing a different model of AI. They handle the entire AI infrastructure. They use machine learning algorithms and an understanding of the neural network to create AI models.

  • Robotics scientist:

    Robot scientists program different machines for industrial purposes. Automation achieves with the help of robotics scientists, and they are always in demand in industries for programming machines.

Final words

In this tech-driven era where most industries are upgrading, and new tech jobs are increasing. It is turning into a golden opportunity for us to make our career in this rising field of Artificial Intelligence. Learn about it and choose the right option for your interest so you can build your career with AI.

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