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Water Purifier – Types, Benefits And Buying Guide

Water is a daily life necessity of every living being. On the other hand, drinking plenty of water every day has several benefits for you. At the same time, several localities are struggling for pure and healthy water consumption. The water purifier is designed for making your drinking water healthy and bacteria-free to consume. Moreover, the water purifiers brands are offering exceptional features where you can have access to better water quality with ease.

What is a water purifier?

A water purifiers is an appliance that refines the water. Furthermore, it is available in several sizes and shapes. In addition, it removes impurities and minerals present in the water. Hence, there are 2 water purification methods: Distillation and Reverses Osmosis (RO). 

  • Distillation: In the distillation process the water is boiled and steam is occupied, collected, and refined
  • Reverse Osmosis: In the Reverse Osmosis technique the water particles are forced using a small semi-permeable membrane. Thus, this process eliminates the large particles that are difficult to filter

Types of Water Purifiers

The various water purification techniques are accessible in the market. The common types of water purifiers are:

  • Gravity-based water purifiers
  • RO water purifiers
  • UV water purifiers

Gravity-based water purifiers: The Gravity-based water purifier needs no power to operate and therefore it is pocket-friendly. If the TDS level in your area is inadequate, then a gravity-based water purifier is the right choice. Further, it helps in eliminating chlorine, bacteria, and dust from water.

RO Water Purifiers: RO or “Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers” is suitable for areas with high TDS levels. RO water purifier helps in removing toxic impurities from water, removal of arsenic, fluoride, heavy metals, etc. It also eradicates the minerals from the water.

UV Water Purifiers: The UV Water Purifiers comprises a UV lamp of high power that eliminates the water contaminants and also helps in disinfecting the water. On the contrary, it cannot remove the dissolved water impurities. It is most suitable to own for the water of municipal corporations or tap water purification.

Guide On How To Choose The Right Water Purifier

Finally, if you have decided to buy a water purifiers then you have to consider some factors. Buying the right water purifiers is essential to meet your needs the right way.

  • Quality of water: Before you choose the water purifiers you need to check the water quality of your locality. If the water in your locality is saline and hard and has a high TDS level, then you should use an RO water purifiers. The semi-permeable membrane in RO Water Purifier helps in the disposal of impurities, metals, and tiny particles of dissolved salt
  • Storage Capacity: While buying a water purifiers you need to consider the storage capacity as well. A water purifier with high storage capacity is essential if an area where you live has excess power cuts possibility
  • Contamination: The contaminated waters include chlorine, bacteria, viruses, sodium, industrial wastes, and dissolved solids. Thus, if water supplied to your locality has high contents of contaminants and microbes, then you can install RO+UV+UF filtration. Hence, the UV effect destroys the bacteria and viruses present in water. Next, the RO membrane helps in the elimination of water contaminants and dead germs

Benefits of Appointing the Professional Water Purifier Service Providers

If you own a water purifier, be it of any size, type, or brand, then appointing a water purifier service provider has many benefits:

  • Excellent After-Sale Service: The water purifier service provider not only offers before-sale service but also delivers quality after-sale service. It is highly prominent to make your appliance function better with proper maintenance
  • Superior Quality Service and Products: The skilled and professional water purifier service experts offer a reliable and wide range of products and services. Moreover, you will get the best services like original products, better appliance servicing, and maintenance tips
  • Reliable suggestions: The professional experts will help you in understanding your water purifier better. If you are new to the water purifier, the experts have all expertise to guide you on buying the right water purifier. They will accustom you to the function, benefits, and usage of the appliance. Also, they will work best to maintain your budget along with reliable suggestions

How Is A Regular Servicing Of A Water Purifier Beneficial?

Water purifiers not only serves you healthy drinking water for a lifetime but also work better if serviced regularly. Whichever brand and size of water purifies you own; we suggest its regular servicing for various benefits

  • Regular servicing of water purifiers assures an uninterrupted water supply. You can call for a certified RO service expert in your locale
  • The electricity consumption will be reduced. As your water purifiers may experience hectic functioning with more contaminants in water
  • Regular servicing will also lead to minimal wastage of water
  • Less power consumption due to regular oiling of spare parts
  • Better filter cleaning and easy passing of the water molecules

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