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Ways Sellers Can Use Amazon Best Sellers Rank Information

You may have noticed your product’s Amazon BSR (Best Sellers Rank) if you look closely at Amazon product listings. This information can be found under the product description.

It doesn’t say if your product is a best seller, but it does not necessarily need to be. To be awarded the best seller ranking, your product must have only one sale.

Easy Product Research for Newbies

This is a great way to find successful products. The best sellers rank will provide information about the most in-demand products. The lower the rank, you will see more sales. This allows you to narrow down your list of viable products by looking at the BSR’s. You should generally look for products with a sales rank below 2000.

Competitor Research for Experienced Sellers

Amazon sellers should keep an eye on their competition. This can be done by using Amazon Best Sellers Rank to facilitate competitor monitoring. Compare the BSRs of similar products.

You should tweak your keyword and product listings if your competitors have higher BSR’s than your product. This will help boost sales and ultimately increase your BSR.

The ‘Best Seller Lists on Amazon’ will show you all the top-selling products and their Amazon Best Seller rankings.

Keep in mind that these top-selling products may also include seasonal products depending on when they are available. For example, Christmas decorations, paddling pools, and so forth, which could skew the results.

Estimate Sales Using Amazon Best Sellers Rank

This is an important function of the BSR, and the best way to use data.

Imagine if you could predict the number of times a product will sell on Amazon. Now you can!

Let’s suppose your product is ranked 1500 on Amazon Best Sellers. You can already see that a BSR 1500 corresponds to approximately 700 transactions per month by adding up the sales.

Next, take a look at the BSR history. This is why it’s important to stay on top of it. For example, your BSR one month ago was 2500. This is because you had lower sales. Let’s suppose you only made 500 sales. Your BSR was 500 in the previous year, when you had made 1600 sales.

Other products that have an Amazon Best Sellers Rank comparable to these figures are likely to be selling in a similar amount.

Be aware that rankings can change between categories so be cautious. This data is useful even though it’s only estimates and can be used to track your competitors or research new products.

How Can I Improve My Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

It is natural to desire for your products to have a good BSR. This won’t impact your organic ranking but if your BSR is low enough (ideally between 1 to 100), your product will be included in the Best Sellers Lists. This is a great way to get some praise.

You will need to know how to  increase your Amazon sales. You must also monitor your sales and that of your competitors. To improve your Amazon Best Seller Ranking, you need to outsell them. Your BSR will not improve if you just level with them in sales.

To really improve your Amazon Best Sellers Rank, you need to look at the larger picture.

Optimize Your Amazon Product Title

The product title should contain only relevant keywords. This includes the product name, colour, size, and brand name, if any.

Be Competitive on Price

When it comes to winning the purchase box, price is an important factor. You must set your prices correctly. To remain competitive, consider using repricing software.

Supercharge Your Bullet Points

Include the benefits and key features of your product in bullet points within your main description. These should be concise and informative to grab your readers’ attention immediately.

Differentiate Using Your Product Images

High-quality images will impress your buyers and set you apart from the rest. Images that are high-resolution and different from product images in other descriptions should be chosen.

You can paint a picture of your product from various angles to show how it will look in real life. This will set you apart from your competition.

Utilize Amazon FBA and Prime

Amazon favors sellers who use its fulfilment service. You’ll also have the chance to offer Prime on your listings.

FBA and Prime are a great way to appeal to buyers. This will allow you to grow your sales and eventually your Amazon Best Seller Rank.

Final Thoughts

Although the Amazon Best Sellers rank may seem complicated at first, it is worth paying attention to. You can reap the benefits of being an Amazon seller. Not only will it help you improve your business but also provide valuable insight into your competitors’ sales and activities.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank is often dismissed by sellers as a vanity metric. However, there are more factors to this data than a competition for the number one product.

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