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Wechat Clone – Launch A Secure Messaging App With End-to-end Encryption

When mobile phones were introduced, they were only meant for the purpose of calling others. Later on, text messages were introduced where people could text with other people. Now, after the advent of smartphones, messaging apps have become heartthrobs for people. 

More than talking over the phone, people prefer messaging apps to send their messages. This instant text messaging enables the users to send and receive messages in no time. Text messaging comes with more options like sharing pictures, sending emojis, etc., 

Messaging apps like WeChat are extremely popular among people because of their enchanting features. Moreover, it is a multi-purpose app that houses several features. If you are planning to launch your messaging app in the market, I would like to help you out. In this blog, I have shared my thoughts on developing an app like WeChat. 

What is WeChat, and how does it work?

WeChat was launched in 2011. Unlike other messaging apps, they started their venture at a very low profile. They first developed a messaging app for people to send and receive messages. Later on, it went on to add more features for the app.

The app has gained more loyal users. So, while launching their new features, they did not charge any additional cost from the users. They made the entire service free of cost. After a while, they added various features like WeChat games and WeChat payments. Moreover, WeChat started becoming a multi-service platform for the users to get interesting services. 

The company thought of making it a platform for multi-purpose rather than just focusing on messaging. Unlike other messaging apps, it encourages users to engage in different activities. Many retailers started marketing their businesses in the app and gained huge recognition. 

The app allowed people to form groups within the app through these groups, retailers, and vendors selling their products to people. Then the app emerged as a default socializing platform. 

The app also has a special feature called WeChat out. This allows users to make their international calls at low rates. After the ban of social media apps like Facebook in China, people started using WeChat as their default social media app. 

How can I develop a messaging app like WeChat?

WeChat has established a name for itself in recent years. Not only just as a messaging app, but it has been a multi-purpose app. If you are looking to launch your app in more than one specialization, you can consider launching an app like WeChat

The WeChat clone will be the right option for you to launch your multi-purpose app. But developing an app like it is a very tedious process. You need to employ a rigorous app development process to develop it because it is a messaging platform and payment and gaming app. 

Developing an app like WeChat has too many challenges and complexities. So you can prefer opting for a readymade WeChat clone with which you can start your venture in a short span of time. 

Things you need to focus on for developing an app like WeChat

  • Firstly, understand the market and find out the potential key players in the market. 
  • The next step is to jot down a business model for your app. Through this, you will get your revenue generation options. 
  • Decide on the features and services you will provide in your app. This will give you a clear-cut view before approaching the developer’s team. 
  • Approach app development companies. Get their profile and check their expertise in developing messaging apps. 
  • Once the app is developed, run them to test their operations. 
  • Hire a proper team for branding your app. Through them, you can market your app. 

What are the enticing features to include in your WeChat clone? 

Easy sign-in process

While developing your app, ensure it has an easy registration process. The users can sign in to the app by providing their email address, phone number, and social media accounts. 

Instant messaging 

The instant messaging feature is what is essential for your messaging app. So, you should initiate your app with an instant texting feature where the users can send and receive messages in real-time. 

Manage accounts 

Once the users create their profiles, they can edit them whenever they want. They can add their photos and give a description about them in the ‘About us’ column. The app should enable the users to change their email address and phone number registered in their profile. 

In-built QR code 

The app should have a QR code for the users to scan and add their names to the contact list. Creating contact diaries is a bit old-fashioned. In contrast, the users can just scan the QR code to initiate a message with another person. 

Voice or video calls 

Nowadays, voice calls and video calls have become important features of messaging apps. So, develop a feature for the users to make their voice calls and video calls effortlessly. 

View/ manage classified

Since it is more like a social media app, you can enable the users to view products on the app. The users can manage and view the details of the products like their price, size, and description. 


Enable your users to view and manage their notifications. The notifications will inform the users about new messages from their friends. The users can also set different notifications tones for differentiating individual and group text messages. 

Wrapping up,

Messaging apps have become must-have applications on all our mobile phones. This is because they are the easiest way to communicate with others. So there is always a good market for messaging apps. Understanding all these scopes and demands, you can start working on your WeChat clone

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