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Working online is becoming a trend now. Amidst the covid-19 situation, many companies have already switched to online mode. There are enormous opportunities available on the internet which can help you in earning more money. One such opportunity is doing Internet research. Internet research is one of the trendiest works nowadays, which will help you in adding some extra cash to your income.

This is an easy-going job if you are a whiz in digging out information online. If you are planning to become an online researcher, then there are many things that you should keep in mind before entering into this field. Although it is an easy part-time job, there are still many key points in this job that you should know about. There are many ways to work at home by doing internet research, and the best of them will be mentioned below.

Many companies are hiring freelance internet researchers to do work for them. Internet Research is a niche of every corner of the room, may it law firms, marketing departments, academic institutions, political groups, insurance companies, real estate agents, and many more. This article will mention everything that you should know about Internet Research work and ways to work at home by doing Internet research through VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

What is Internet Research Work?

Internet Research is a work at home job which is in trend nowadays. Internet researchers usually gather information for a firm or any individual on various search engines and databases. There are times when you as an individual or as a company head desires to gather some information about any company-related topic. In this case, you will hire any internet researcher who will start searching blogs, search engines, websites, newspapers and come out with the relevant and needed information. Many companies hire these internet researchers permanently, while some usually hire a freelancer every day.

Qualifications: Talking about the qualifications needed to become an Internet researcher, there is none specific. If you are an expert in digging out things from the internet, you can apply them straight away to any company. Finding specific information with accuracy and speed will increase your chance to become a favorable candidate. There are degrees also in research skills in the legal and technical fields. For those who have skills, a degree holder candidate might be the first choice of companies but if you are searching for a particular area of expertise, then you should have some computer-related information also like Remote Desktop Software, etc.

Salary expectation: money which you will receive in starting, it will be less. It will depend on your expertise. If you can perform your work in less time and with perfect accuracy, then surely you will be receiving money based on your experience and a can be a good amount of money. In starting, you will be receiving some $10 per hour or even less, but as you start becoming more experienced, you can also earn up to $2000 per month. In legal and government official areas, you will be receiving some $50-$80 per hour. The demand of the research area is also important in determining the salary.

Where can you apply for an Internet Research job opportunity?

There are particular targeted sites where you can easily find ways to work at home by doing internet research. Some sites are particularly meant for providing internet research job opportunities like CareerBuilder but these websites are so full of competition that you will have very little chance to get hired if you are a fresher.

Also, these websites do not screen companies well, which increases the chance of trap or fraud. But we will be bringing out the websites and companies that will primarily offer you some of the great internet research job opportunities and will also find you ways to work at home by doing Internet research. Let’s start with the list.

1. FlexJobs

This website is a paid platform for job seekers as well as for job recruiters. The platform is well managed and there is almost no chance of entering a fraud company which will directly prevent you from falling for any scam. It screens every job and confirms if it is legit or not. The website has managed to mark a good impact in the eyes of job seekers which is making it more renowned. The interface is fully user-friendly and you can sort and filter the type of job you are searching for. If you are searching for an Internet research job, then you can type Internet Research, web researcher, online researcher, research assistant keywords in the search bar.

2. Upwork

Here comes the best from all websites to provide online work. Upwork is one of the most renowned firms that is becoming a hub for hiring freelancers. The best part about this platform is that it is free and is always user-friendly. Type the keywords of the job which you are searching for and you will find the companies that are recruiting.

You have to submit the bid first before getting hired. If the company accepts your bid, then you will be hired to perform the work. Your 10% of the fees will be deducted as an administration fee and the rest of all the money will be yours. It is a great platform for freshers who are starting their career in Internet research by working with repeat clients. You can take help from any YouTuber or any Blog that will help you in making six-figure money from Upwork.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is also a great platform for freelancers to earn money from their skills. You can list and sell your Online Research service on this platform, and if anyone likes your service, he/she will accept your service. The administrative fees of freelancers are about 20% but Fiverr is free to join. It is a great platform to earn stars and work with different companies. You can raise your work price as the number of stars increases.

Companies hiring Internet Researchers

There are some specific companies also that are hiring internet researchers. These companies will hire you monthly or weekly and will hire you based on your experience and your skills. The companies are mentioned below.

1.  Cannabiz Media

The company usually hires a data researcher or online researcher to collect fact-check and analyze the license information. This company is top class in its field and only hires someone who is experienced and has proper skills. You should only apply here if you have a legal research background and excellent communication skills. You will be paid an appreciable amount and will be working about 20 hours a week.

2. Clickworker

This company hires online researchers to perform small tasks like creation and categorization. It is a short task platform, but a very useful one for Internet researchers. Well, the company won’t pay you a high amount which will indeed make it a less favorable option for full-time work, but if you want to add some extra income by working a few hours, then this platform is for you.

The platform is free, you just need to complete your profile and give a short test which will determine your favourability for this job. If you can complete the assessment with a good score, then they will hire you as an internet researcher and will pay weekly through PayPal.

3.  Fancy Hands

This website hires independent contractors for work. You will be hired by these contractors or small business owners and will be working for them. You can schedule your appointments and always have an option to work flexible working hours. This platform is best for Internet researchers, data entry jobs, and making phone calls. You will be paid about 5-7$ per hour weekly.

4. FlexJobs

We have already discussed this job provider company, but you should also know that this company has some special space for Internet Researchers. You can easily find any legit work-from-home job for an Internet Researcher and can earn about $15 per hour.

5. JustAnswer

Another legit Internet Researcher job provider, which is a platform for your unanswered questions. In this platform, you will get answers to various questions of any niche. As a researcher, you have to find the answer to those questions and write them on the website itself. You also need to have excellent written and communication skills to get hired here. JustAnswer will pay you about 20-50% of what the client is willing to pay for the answer. You will receive your income through PayPal every month.

6. Wonder

This company usually finds credible sources of the information and for this purpose, they hire Internet researchers. This way to work at home by Internet researchers is convincing and easy. You will earn about $15 per hour but the applicant should have some prior experience in this field.

You can also start your Internet Research business if you are not finding any job.

Starting your own Internet Research Business

In this section, we will be bringing out some key points on how you can start your own internet research business and start earning within a month.

1. Self-education

Before running any business, you should be fully aware of the business and its possibilities. You should know the business and have the best resources to learn to take knowledge from. There are a couple of courses that will teach you about business rules and some other resources will teach you about the Internet Researching thing. Start your work and earn money.

2. Plans

Once you are ready with the idea and basics of the business, now is the time to implement those basics. You have to take your business to heights and for that, you should plan all of your future steps. You shouldn’t be going forward with a piece of paper, instead, make a full-proof plan and invest as much time as you can.

Find all the possibilities and take some initial decisions. These decisions will decide how the structure of your business looks, the name of the company, determining prices, accepting and transferring payments, office equipment needed, and many more. Thus, you should decide everything before starting and then going with the plan.

3. Website

Once you are done with the paperwork of your business, you will need a website where you will interact with the world. Take a domain that matches your work and start building it with the help of a website developer. You will also need some resources to run your work from business, take hints from the internet, and collect those resources. Set up a shop through which you will be receiving your Internet Researcher orders.

4. Getting Clients

Now the final step in dealing with clients. This is the toughest of all. It is okay if you keep your price low in starting because you have to first boost your company. Things will go fine in the future, so be patient.

Now, you know every way through which you can work at home by doing Internet Research work. No matter if you are a freelancer or a full-time worker, your pay will always depend on your skills. So, make sure you are polishing your skills continuously and earning more and more.

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