What are my Choices for Van Security in Leeds?

According to one report, around 43,000 vans have been stolen since 2016, and a further 117,000 have been smashed or broken. Criminals are becoming savvier over time in how they break in; therefore, it is important to beef up your van security Leeds. But where should you start to make your vans secured? Let’s have a look:

Invest for tracker or immobilizer

You might be familiar or not, but every car made after the year 1998 has an engine immobilizer incorporated as standard. This is something that stops your engine from operating/starting if you do not have a key; therefore, it cannot be hotwired.

Or if you do not have a mobilizer in your van, you can get one from professional locksmiths in Leeds. Always search for the immobilizer that is approved by Thatcham, an official body for vehicle security. However, if you do not have a tracker, then it’s also worth considering for your van to be safe in case of any unfortunate incident such as a theft attempt, etc. Trackers basically use GPS that locates your van if it gets stolen. It does not prevent your vehicle from theft but makes the whole investigation process easier for the police to trace your van and return it to you.

 Improve van security Leeds

There are basically two types of van locks as following:

Slam locks

Slam lock locks your car as soon as you slam the doors of your van shut. This makes it easier to secure, but you may also accidentally lock the keys in the van. These locks could be good options for the courier riders who make frequent and shortstops.


Deadlock is a unique lock to your van’s internal locks. They get locked manually; however, it is difficult to force them open – even if the thefts get past the regular locks. These locks are a good option for tradespeople who most probably leave their vehicles unattended for some time. However, you may also add steel plated to your locks to make it stop for the thieves drilling around your van lock to break in.

Set the alarm for your van

Most vans have standard fitted alarms that you can set according to your preferences. Therefore, it’s essential to check if the van you own also has a fitted alarm system in it. If you do not have an alarm, you can get one from the professionals of van security Leeds. Also, t’s good to have Thatcham-approved alarms with your van immobilizer. There are basically two further types into it you can choose from:

Category 1: It’s a combined immobilizer/alarm. These are specifically for vans that are manufactured pre-2—6.

Category 2/1: An upgraded alarm to your existing security. They are specifically for the vans that were made after 2006.

Write business details on your van

Handing complete important business information written on your van shows who the van belongs to and how one can contact you. If your van gets stolen for any reason, it will stand out a little. This security feature will make it difficult for thieves to make a clean gateway. Therefore, having business names on your vans can act as a perfect deterrent for any opportunist thief.

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