What are the key points for UK Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a rapidly evolving business model. Because of its flexible and profitable nature More and more people are starting dropshipping  businesses. As you are reading this blog right now. This means you might be interested or thinking about starting uk dropshipping.

But do you know how to build a dropshipping business?

The building process of dropshipping or any other business model is crucial. It’s like building the basement of a skyscraper.

As a beginner, you might think about where to get proper guidelines about dropshipping?

Well, In this blog post you will have a clear idea about all these things. To start a uk dropshipping business you just need to follow 3 steps-

  1. Create your eCommerce website
  2. Sourcing of dropshipping products to sell
  3. Marketing

But before diving deeper, we would like to inform you that GetshopToday is a UK based eCommerce platform that will support you with a full dropshipping solution. This service includes local (UK based) dropshipping product sourcing options, eCommerce website design, logo design, as well as basic marketing solutions using eBay dropshipping.

Now let’s have some idea about-

  • What is dropshipping?
  • What are the types of dropshipping?
  • How can you start a dropshipping business?

So, let’s start with a brief discussion about what drop shipping is.

Suppose you have a website but unfortunately you do not have enough budget to buy any products and sell them to customers. Well, sometimes it’s quite normal to not have enough budget.

To solve this problem, you can simply contact dropshipping suppliers uk and they will give you drop shipping services.

From here you can get all necessary information about products such as the image of the products, description and other details. After getting all the information now you can list your preferable items on your website.

When an end customer places an order to buy items from your website,  your supplier will ship that product to the end customer on behalf of you. This is how dropshipping business models work.

But do you know

What are the types of dropshipping?

Well, dropshipping has two types and they are-

  • Automatic drop shipping and
  • Manual drop shipping.

Automatic Drop shipping: So, the process mentioned above is manual drop shipping. In manual drop shipping, the retail eCommerce website owner has to do everything manually.

Here ‘everything’ means choosing products, pricing every time, every time you have to look for the stock to your supplier and many other things.

Manual drop shipping has some drawbacks. Here the main challenge is to maintain stock. 

Automatic Dropshipping:

Another type of dropshipping is Automatic drop shipping. As opposed to manual drop shipping, automatic drop shipping offers more flexibility. Now let’s have a brief idea of how automatic dropshipping works.

Suppose, you have your online store but you don’t have any products for selling. Now you have to add products from a dropshipping supplier. Special drop shipping API (application programming interface) will make this process easier. Dropshipping API will allow you to import the product listing of the UK drops shipping supplier’s website into your online shop.

The biggest advantage with API is with just one click you will be able to complete the whole process. Now, you can list these products on various popular platforms such as eBay, Facebook, Amazon and so on.

Once you are done with all these steps successfully, now it is the turn of customers who can buy your products from any of these platforms according to their choice. When a customer places an order to buy products from any of these platforms, you can simply forward this order from your website to the supplier’s website.

The supplier will be responsible for sending the product to the end customer. Thus, the whole order fulfilment method works.

Now once you have an idea about what drop shipping is and how it works let’s proceed to the most crucial point –

what are the necessary things to start a drop shipping business?

The three most fundamental things that you need to start a drop shipping business are-

  1. Your eCommerce website.
  2. Sourcing dropshipping products to sell.
  3. Marketing.

Creating Your eCommerce Website:

The first step of starting a drop shipping business is to create your eCommerce website. To create your eCommerce website easily I will suggest you use Getshop Today eCommerce platform.

All you need E-commerce packages offered by them that includes fast track design services. Once you have subscribed to any package according to your preference then will get your eCommerce website completely ready within just 3-5 days.

Sourcing of dropshipping products to sell:

Once you have your website ready, now you must be thinking about where and how to import products. Getshop Today e-Commerce has a solution to this problem. With the help of Getshop Today UK dropshipping suppliers network, you can easily choose and import those products to your website by using automatic tools. 


Marketing is an important part to gear up any kind of online business. But it is a very common scenario that at the beginning you may not have enough budget for marketing.

As a result, you face troubles of how to run your business successfully without marketing? Again, Getshop Today comes up with a unique solution to reduce your intrinsic tension. So, let’s see how Getshop Today helps you with marketing.

Suppose, in your eCommerce website there are already products imported from UK dropshipping suppliers. Now, with the help of Getshop Today automatic tools you can very easily list those products on eBay. As a result, eBay will do marketing of your products to its visitors.

Now the question may come to your mind, why eBay will do marketing of your products? Because they will take a fee (approximately 15%) in exchange for marketing your products. So, this is part of eBay’s profit. Now let’s talk about your profit. To calculate your profit, you have to understand simple imaginary math-

Let’s say you are getting a product from Getshop Today the UK dropshipping Supplier for 5£. Then you increased the retail product price up to 65%. Now, as eBay will promote your product you have to give them a 15% fee. Even after giving this fee, you can still make a profit of 50%.

To sum up, Get shop Today will make your path of starting a drop shipping business more flexible and easier. Because Get shop Today has solutions to every problem.


Now I believe that this blog post has given you an insight into what dropshipping is, and how to start the UK drop shipping business. If you have more queries, you can check out Get shop Today’s full drop-shipping course on YouTube where you will get to know the ins and outs of the UK dropshipping business.

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