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What complications does a woman have to face during IVF?

IVF is a powerful technique in which a woman’s eggs and man’s sperm are mixed in a laboratory dish to generate more than one embryo and migrate into the female’s uterus to form a baby. Suppose you are deciding to adopt this process. In that case, you must visit the Test Tube baby center in Ludhiana, which are tremendous hands-on experience to execute this operation with positive outcomes.

The IVF Test Tube cost in Punjab varies from two to two and a half lakh for the whole procedure as per the patient’s case. It includes all practices and medications used during the IVF execution.

What problems occur during IVF?

Several essential factors are taken care of by both the women and doctors. Following are the major complications that should be avoided during the IVF.

Complications in egg retrieval:

  • Egg retrieval is performed with a long and thin needle inserted into the ovary, passing through the vagina. During this process, women may face abdomen and pelvic pain. This mainly sometimes leads to severe problems. Thus, some pain reduction medications are used to avoid any risk.

  • The doctor has to pay extra attention to avoid significant injury in the ovary while transferring the needle, such as blood vessels, blood transfusion, bladder, and bowel may be affected.

  • Antibiotic medications are offered to avoid severe pelvic infection and pain at egg gathering to ignore significant trouble. If there is a risk of pelvic or endometriosis diseases, doctors have to mitigate ovaries and uterus tubes.

Issues with Embryo transfer:

With the help of a catheter, the embryo is migrated into the uterus. While a catheter is inserted through the cervix, a woman may have severe cramping and bleeding on her vaginal spot. It sometimes leads to critical conditions. Thus, antibiotic medicines are given to the patient to provide them with relief from this pain.

Complications with IVF pregnancy?

People can give birth to more than one baby with the help of IVF. In this case, the risk factor increased.

  • Preterm labor or delivery: premature babies are at higher risk for health complications such as cerebral palsy, sometimes their lungs not developing correctly, intestinal infections, learning disabilities, language delay, and behavior troubles.

  • If more than one embryo is migrated into the uterus, it becomes riskier. Hence, a fertility expert sends one embryo at a time.

  • There is a risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • At the time of delivery, the issue of maternal hemorrhage occurs in the cesarean section. Sometimes, it leads to substantial bleeding.

Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy:

Natural conception and IVF pregnancy conception both have the same rate of miscarriage and ectopic. It is reported that the rate of risk is stimulated with the increasing age. In the 20s, there is a 20% risk of miscarriages, and in the 40s, it is enhanced up to 50%. Along with this, there is a 1% chance of ectopic tube pregnancy (IVF).

For more information about IVF pregnancy, visit the Sofat Infertility, and Women care center and talk about every factor of the IVF fraternity.

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