What Different Types Of Filaments Are Available For 3D Printing?

Filament is one of the most important materials when it comes to 3D printing. Depending on the type, this material can come in different shapes and colors. It’s important to understand what types of 3D printer filaments in Canada are available so you know which one to choose. Different printers are compatible with different filaments. This means that when you’re out to buy yourself a printer, your knowledge and choice of filaments will make a great difference in your purchase. Some of the most used filaments are:

1.Standard PLA (Polylactic Acid)

It’s the most sold filament in printing. PLA is a very good material to use for beginner printers such as the Creality or ANYCUBIC. Standard PLA is made from corn starch and can be used with a variety of temperatures and printing methods. PLA is not the best choice if you’re looking for something that can be expensive. This filament 1Kg-Grey also tends to be more forgiving when it comes to errors, meaning that filament clogging is a thing of the past. It’s important to note that the more expensive filaments tend to last longer.

2. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Filament

The second most sold filament in such printing is ABS filament. ABS is slightly more difficult to use than PLA but it’s especially useful when it comes to 3D printing. ABS needs a heated printing bed in order to work properly and it has a tendency to warp. Warping is usually caused by the heat that the printer applies in order to fill the material, meaning that if you’re using a wrong temperature, your print might be ruined. ABS is also not the best material for beginners to work with because it is very rigid. This means that if you’re not careful when filling it, your print might become warped. ABS is a great choice for a printer that can handle these types of materials well.

3. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Filament

PET filament 1KG-Black is a widely used material for printing as well. PET isn’t as rigid as ABS but it’s more flexible and easier to use. PET seems to be a great choice if you’re on the market for something that has a great balance between strength and flexibility. If you’re into making keychains and other types of small objects, PET is a great material for you. The downside is PET tends to be more expensive than other types of filaments. If you’re into precision, you’ll have to get a printer that can be more accurate. PET filament is also very delicate and prone to tearing layers. It’s also important to note that PET is not the best material for printing in all types of temperatures.

4. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Filament

TPU is one of the newest types of filaments being used today. TPU is a great alternative to PET. TPU filaments have much better stretching abilities and they are not as delicate as PET. They are also much less expensive than PET. Some disadvantages of TPU include the fact that it has a lower melting point and is more likely to warp during printing. It also has the tendency to have more bridging gaps when printing. However, none of these things deters many people from buying this type of filament in Toronto for 3D printing.

5. Nylon Filament

Nylon has a very distinct feel to it and has the same resistance as ABS. It’s more brittle than ABS but it’s also much more flexible. If you’re looking for something that has a great balance between strength and flexibility, then nylon is the best choice for you. Nylon filament is another popular choice for printing among beginners. It’s more rigid than PET and PLA but less rigid than ABS or even Stainless Steel Filament (SSF). The downside of nylon is that it’s brittle and may break when you’re trying to print with it. Nylon is also not very resistant to cold temperatures like ABS or SSF.

6. Metal Filaments

Metal filaments are a very rare type of 3D printer filaments in Canada. They may not be very popular yet, but they will in the future. Metal filaments are made from steel and other alloys. The biggest advantage of metal filaments is that they are more accurate than PET and PLA. Metal filaments are also much more stable than ABS and TPU filament for your printing. It’s important to note that these materials need to be properly heated up before being used for printing otherwise you’ll get poor results.


There are several other types of 3D printer filaments in Canada like TPE, T-Glase, Glow in the dark, HIPS, etc. You might note that these filaments in Toronto are available at affordable prices at Mech E-Store, which has an impressive collection of filaments in varied sizes and colors. These include filament 1 KG-grey in PLA, Filament 1KG- Purple in ABS and filaments 1KG-Black in silk PLA.

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