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What Is Commercial Spray Foam Insulation, and Why May You Need It?

Spray foam insulation is consists of liquid polyurethane that, after applied, dries into a rigid foam. This type of insulation is known to be more energy-efficient. Safer for humans and the environment, and can serve multiple purposes.

The best thing about spray foam is that it is a liquid. Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, spray foam is able to get into those small cracks and holes where it expands and effectively protects. It gives your commercial building a better seal. Which will make it easier to regulate the indoor temperature and keep your employees comfortable and productive.

Furthermore, reducing the amount of escaping heat or cold from your area will go a long way to decreasing your monthly energy bill. That is why spray foam insulation for commercial buildings is considered necessary by many in Brampton.

Many large and small companies are now going with commercial spray foam insulation to keep their establishments from leaking air in the summer and winter. It can be installed by professionals and can do wonders to keep electricity bills from skyrocketing in the hot months of the summer when the sun is unbearable.

It can also save in the winter when it seems the only choice is to crank the heater up. Commercial spray foam insulation is different from other products in several ways. Understanding how it works can give you a better idea of why it is probably the best product out there when it comes to keeping a business insulated.

How does it work?

Spray foam companies use professional tools to apply the commercial spray foam insulation to the appropriate areas. It is usually in the ceilings or attics of the establishment. Once this material is exposed to oxygen, it begin to expand in a chemical reaction. It allows it to get down into tiny cracks where traditional types of material, such as fiberglass, will not reach.

When wet, it has the potential to expand up to ten times its original size. Since professionals have years of experience. They understand the method of application that allows the spray foam to get it into places that usually would have to go without coverage if insulated by a layman. That is why most business owners choose to hire Spray foam companies in Toronto rather than opting for DIY (Do-it-yourself).

Benefits you get in the long run

Spray foam insulation surpasses the benefits of other types of insulation because it creates a complete air seal in the area it is applied. While other, more commonly used materials may get the insulation job done. Only this form of application can keep a business completely protected from cold or hot air coming from outside. That is why spray insulationis most popular in Mississauga, ON, at the moment.

While preventing outside air from coming in, it also prevents the air from inside from escaping. It creates a thermos-like effect and allows any enterprise to save money on their heating and cooling bills. Not to mention the benefits to the environment that come with saving energy.

Furthermore, this type of insulation is also great at keeping moisture out of the areas it is applied to. The absence of humidity will also help keep away mold and mildew. Since the spray foam can close up all those little nooks and crannies. You won’t have a problem with all those little critters that tend to find their way into the small spaces in your area to make their home. So in a way, you also get protection from insects.

Note that spray foam insulation for commercial buildings should be done by a professional company. With other materials, people often do the insulating themselves. But with spray foam, professionals should be involved in handling the cleanup and making sure the material is not going into areas where it could expand and cause structural issues with delicate walls or building materials.

Having said that, if you can find a good Spray foam company that will perform the application for a reasonable cost, there’s no better choice to make to keep your building nice and air-tight.

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