What is Instagram IGTV, How to Use IGTV?

Social media platforms are used by people of all ages today. Most people now have 2-3 different social media accounts, as each offers different features. The most popular option among them, Instagram always keeps itself up to date with its solid infrastructure.

For this reason, new features are constantly coming to Instagram. Instagram IGTV is one of them and is not known to many users. Instagram IGTV , which allows people to shoot long-term videos , differs from stories and reels with this feature.

So, what is Instagram IGTV , how to use it and what should be done to get more views ? If you want to know everything about this feature, you can find all the details in our article!

What is Instagram IGTV?

Instagram’s story feature is preferred by many users. However, since this feature has a 15-second restriction, it is complained by many. Instagram IGTV , which was eventually released as a response to these , allows users to shoot long videos of up to 10 minutes. However, if your account is approved; You can share 1 hour of video!

Advantages of Using Instagram IGTV

What are the advantages of Instagram IGTV ? The question is asked by many people who are curious about the application. This feature provides you exactly long video service. Thus, 15 seconds for stories and 1 minute for video posts are removed.

First, you might see it as unnecessary; In fact, this is a great return for those who want to be a phenomenon and for business accounts. Thus, you can handle the product you provide for as long as you want and present it to users with all its details.

Since it is almost impossible to promote a service in 1-minute videos, Instagram IGTV provides you with great convenience in this regard. If you want to appeal to your fans with longer and fun videos, Instagram IGTV is the perfect opportunity for you.

Therefore, if you want to earn income on the platform, you can get many opportunities with Instagram IGTV.

To buy IGTV video likes and views, you can go to the buy Instagram views category.

What are Instagram IGTV Features?

The IGTV plugging offered by Instagram comes to users with multiple features. Thus, you can use the platform more actively and efficiently.

Instagram IGTV features;

  1. If you don’t delete your IGTV video, it will always be available on your channel. Thus, it can be watched unlimited number of times by each user.
  2. videos are served vertically. If your account is approved, the time; If it is not approved, it will broadcast for 10 minutes. It is imperative that you do not shoot videos horizontally.
  3. Every Instagram user has their own IGTV channel. Therefore, users can watch and follow videos by subscribing here as an extra.
  4. videos play automatically.
  5. If you want to switch to different videos or make a call, it is enough to move your hand on the screen.
  6. Instagram IGTV , channels and all its features are designed for mobile application.

Thus, you can create more colorful videos, create more interesting content for your followers and become a phenomenon.

How to Download IGTV Video?

If you want to use this application and enjoy its features, you must download it. IGTV , which can be used by smartphones with both Android and IOS operating systems, is installed on your phones’ App Stores.

After installing IGTV will be installed automatically. When you enter the application, it will ask you for a username and password. Since every Instagram user is a member of the application, you can access it with your existing information.

But if you want to log in with a different account, it is also possible to do so. Once in the IGTV app, four tabs will appear:

  1. For you: This tab contains videos specific to each user. These are shown randomly and are shown to you based on the videos you have watched before.
  2. Following: In this tab, there are videos of the people you follow in your account.
  3. Popular: This tab is just like explore. Most viewed videos on Instagram are displayed here. These are created from the videos you have watched before.
  4. Keep watching: Have a video left unfinished? This tab allows you to continue your videos exactly where you left off.

So, how to create an IGTV channel ? Although every user is a member of IGTV, not everyone has a channel. To do this, you must first open a channel.

How to Open an IGTV Channel?

For this, you must first install the program from the App Store, and then log in with your Instagram account. Then at the bottom, the tabs we have listed above will be seen.

To open a channel, you need to tap the profile icon in the lower corner of the screen where you are watching the video. This will take you to your page. So the usage is actually quite similar to Instagram.

To open Instagram IGTV, simply follow these items:

  1. After coming to your profile, tap on the “next” icon and click on the “create channel” option.
  2. This will create your channel immediately and the plus sign you see on the screen will allow you to add videos.
  3. Instagram IGTV allows you to upload videos; however, they must be per-registered. Because the video recording feature is not yet available.
  4. When adding a video, you can enter the descriptions you want.

Instagram IGTV channel opening is done this way, instantly. The IGTV feature offered by Instagram does not allow you to upload less than 15 seconds. If you have not approved your account, you do not have a chance to upload videos longer than 10 minutes. Therefore, for 1-hour IGTV videos, you must first have the account approved.

If you want to rise with IGTV, the requirements for this are the same as Instagram. If you want to get followers and likes, you should review the buy Instagram Followers page or post original and regularly, avoid copying. If you appeal to users and work out exactly what they want, you can become a phenomenon or promote your brand nicely.

While doing this, you need to maintain your quality and continuously increase it without breaking your line. Otherwise, it is quite easy to fall behind on the platform.

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