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What Is The Best App To Save Instagram Posts?

The world is not oblivious to the fact the Instagram is the biggest shark in the ocean, with its user base expanding over to millions and counting. But the question is what brought this popularity to Instagram? What is so unique to Instagram that makes it the most fascinating of all? The answer to this is –its unique feature called “post” which encompasses both uploads of Instagram stories and Instagram posts.

Instagram has become a one-stop destination for everything media. It enables its users to share their ideas or thoughts in the form of pictures, short videos, and long videos. People all over the world contribute content related to fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, sports, politics, and art, you name it, this platform has it. With such an abundance of content, there is not a prayer that there must not be phenomena where people find this urge to save the media files so that they can access it later anytime or re-post it too. However, Instagram has taken care of it, but unfortunately, only partly. The “save” option lets the users save the post they find interesting, but can access it only when he/she is online and it prohibits sharing the same on different other platforms. So if you are looking for solutions for it, we are here to introduce you to the “Status Downloader” app powered by jameinfotech that would seem like an answer to your prayers.

How To Download Instagram Videos Using “Status Download For Whatsapp” App

  • Download the app from Playstore through which you can save Instagram posts. Upon opening the app, switch from default WhatsApp tab to the “Instagram post” tab by either swiping right or clicking on “three parallel lines” icon on the top left.
  • Login into your Instagram account through the app.
  • Now navigate to original Instagram app and scroll to the video you want to download.
  • Click “three dots” and choose the “copy link” option.
  • Back on the “Instagram tab”, click the flashing download icon and paste the link and hit “download”.
  • Upon being directed to second page, click “down arrow” to complete the download.

For Instagram Stories –

  • Opt for the “save Instagram posts” tab.
  • Upon clicking on that, the list of all stories will appear.
  • Choose the username of whose stories you wish to download, choose the story (if they have posted more than one), then press “down arrow” to finish the save.

There, you have it! Saved posts or stories, which you can access anytime, or better, share anywhere at your discretion.

Status downloader app is the all-in-one application that provides you access to all the social media platforms. In this app, you can download/save videos and photos of all the social media platforms. This is the only app that is easy to use and all in one app for people who are spending lots of time on social media and want to spread happiness to the world. This app is available on the play store, just search status downloader app by jameinfotech.

I hope this will help definitely you, Good Luck!

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