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What is the best time to get an attorney for a truck accident?

The first thing you should do following an accident with a truck is to seek medical treatment. truck accident According to Cesar Ornelas. However, we suggest contacting an attorney at the earliest time possible when your injuries have been addressed.

There are several reasons why the speed of time is crucial in legal action following a truck accident:

You have to claim within the law’s time limit, which is based on the kind of the claim (personal injury or wrongful death. ).

Evidence can be damaged, repaired, or taken away and make it difficult to establish liability.

Accounts from witnesses are more reliable when they are questioned immediately following the incident.

While insurance claims do not be subject to a deadline, some adjusters from insurance question the legitimacy of your claim if it’s delayed.

You might not be able to work or earn an income, when paired with medical expenses, can be very stressful.

If the other party will not agree to a fair and honest negotiation lawyers need time to plan a case to be tried.

It could take a few weeks before the judge can make an opening to hear your case.

A lawyer for truck accidents with Ben Crump Law, PLLC will begin gathering evidence to file a claim and defend your rights starting the moment you are an attorney. To get a no-cost case review, dial 800 630-9229.

How Can I Find an experienced truck accident lawyer?

How do I find an experienced truck accident lawyer?

You might have decided to engage a truck crash legal professional to aid you to obtain reimbursement for medical expenses as well as physical trauma as well as other injuries However, you may not be able to locate an excellent legal representative for a truck crash.

A lawyer’s hiring is a significant decision as there is only one chance of obtaining the damages you suffered due to your injuries. Also, you must be confident and comfortable as you will be sharing private details. An attorney for truck accidents at Ben Crump Law, PLLC can take care of your case. Your conversations with your lawyer are confidential and not allowed to be divulged.
Suggestions for locating an experienced truck accident lawyer

This could be the first time you’ve employed a lawyer, and it can be overwhelming. The following guidelines are helpful when you are making the crucial choice:

Ask family and friends for recommendations on a lawyer.

Find law firms on the internet.

Get a no-cost first consultation.

And most importantly, believe in your gut.

What is a Lawyer for Truck Accidents Do?

What’s a Lawyer for Truck Accidents Do?

An attorney from Ben Crump Law, PLLC provides a variety of valuable services following the accident of a truck. This allows you to concentrate on healing from injuries or caring for the injured loved ones.

A lawyer who handles truck accidents:

Determine the root of the incident by using evidence like police reports, video or photographs, or data from the truck’s computer system (informally called”the “black box”) witnesses’ declarations, and more.

Find the necessary documentation to show a loss, like the medical record, the bill as well as payslips.

Determine all potentially liable parties and insurers.

Complete a thorough insurance claim on behalf of you.

Reach an acceptable settlement.

Preparing your defense for trial, if required, and present your case to the judge.

It is not necessary to have to deal with an insurance adjuster when you recuperate from the injuries sustained in a truck accident. A lawyer takes the burden off of you.

A Lawyer Provides Security

It is important to know that the insurer or lawyer might seek to minimize responsibility for the damages and injuries you sustained. A lawyer from Ben Crump Law, PLLC will protect and defend your rights. You don’t have to pay upfront and our attorneys work exclusively on a contingency basis.

What to Do Following a Car Accident

What to do after a Car Accident

It is not your choice to be involved in a truck accident, but after an accident has occurred you have several ways you can ensure your health and protect your legal rights:

Take a look at a medical exam for injuriesthat tend to happen in the aftermath of a truck collision.

Maintain any medical records as well as police reports.

Contact the insurance companies to report the incident and submit an insurance claim.

You should consider legal representation for your lawsuit or claim.

The aftermath of the accident on a truck can be extremely emotional. It is not the ideal moment to talk about guilt or to assign blame. Your focus should be on your safety and health If you require medical treatment, contact an attorney for a truck crash toll-free at 800-630-9229.

How are Truck Accidents Different From car accidents?

How Truck Accidents Are Different Than Car Accidents?

They are typically the biggest heaviest and longest vehicles that are on the road. In the event of an accident between a common sedan and a huge truck, both the motorist as well as passengers in the car tend to suffer injuries or be killed.

This discrepancy in size is responsible for the many differences in truck accident injuries compared to car accidents in the words of IIHS: Information Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS):

Trucks have higher ground clearance, making smaller vehicles go under when they collide.

Eighty-two percent of the truck crash fatalities involved passengers, motorists in other cars, passengers pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists.

Accidents that result in rollovers – where an automobile flips over and rolls at least once are more frequent in collisions between the truck and a typical vehicle.

Victims of accidents involving trucks could suffer more severe and extensive injuries.

Injury Resulting from a Car Accident

If you take into consideration that a commercial truck can be about 20-30 times heavier than a vehicle for a driver It is important to be aware that injuries could be serious and could be a result of:

Traumatic brain injuries to the brain

Broken, broken, crushed, or broken bones

Internal bleeding

Soft tissue damage

Neck and spinal cord injuries

Is it the Truck Driver or Trucking Company Responsible for a truck accident?

Does it the Truck Driver or Trucking Company Responsible for a truck accident?

It could be that there are multiple at-fault parties involved in a truck accident. An attorney for truck accidents associated with Ben Crump Law, PLLC will identify the responsible parties as part of our search for justice and compensation.

While a careless driver of a truck responsible for the accident must be held accountable, it isn’t a sufficient source of compensation. However, the law could make the employer of the truck driver responsible through vicarious responsibility.

Certain of the accidents that we’ve handled included many defendants, which included:

The owner of the truck or owners, if different entities are the owners of the truck and trailer.

The owner of the freight company of the cargo being delivered.

The driver of the truck.

The truck company is responsible for injuries caused by employees, contractors, or agents.

The truck manufacturer is responsible for injuries caused by defective products or parts.

The maintenance company could be held responsible for the defective repairs.

A safety officer or operator of the weigh-station who might have missed the excess cargo or other safety issues.

Additional vehicles that were involved in the collision could be a contributing factor to the injuries you sustained.

You’ve suffered emotional and physical injuries. We believe you should not be forced to pay for the financial burden of an act of recklessness or carelessness.

Different types of truck accidents

The types of accidents that happen to trucks

Ben Crump Law, PLLC is a truck accident lawyer that accepts all kinds of truck accidents, including:

Head-on collisions


Rear-end collisions

T-bone collisions (when trucks collide with the car perpendicularly)

Jackknife accidents

Spilled cargo accidents

ManufaDefective manufacturer parts

Driving under the influence or drunk under the influence

Accidents caused by distracted driving

Accidents while driving drunk, such as getting sleep at the steering wheel

Underride accidents

Tire blowouts

Turning and lane change accidents

Speeding beyond posted speed limits, or for weather, road, or traffic conditions

Failure to give

The rage of drivers or driving incidents involving aggressive behavior

Accidents involving hit and run

Intersection accidents

You can contact Ben Crump Law, PLLC following any truck accident that hurts you emotionally and physically. We can also assist you if you have lost a loved one in an accident with a truck.

Other Accidents involving a Vehicle or Truck Accidents

Our firm icanhandle cases involving vehicles and trucks, but we also take on collisions between vehicles and trucks which include:




Uber as well as Lyft vehicles


If the reckless acts of another person caused harm to you or a member of your family It is your right to seek the compensation you deserve. There is no need to do this on your own. A lawyer from our firm will take care of your case, regardless of whether you intend to submit the insurance claim or file the courtroom.

What Kind of Negligence is Identified in an Accident involving a Truck

How is Negligence Determined in an Accident involving a Truck

Most accidents are caused by driver’s carelessness. Fatigue in the driver (including sleeping through the wheel) is the second-leading reason for tragic truck collisions, as per the FMCSA.

Other forms of negligence comprise:

Improper truck driver training

Unpacking cargo improperly or overloaded

Other legal violations

Excessing federal guidelines is a violation of the law.

Driving under the influence

Speeding too fast for the road weather, traffic, or road conditions

Poor design or manufacturing

Insufficient supervision

elements in proving negligence

Sometimes, a reckless driver may not be able to admit to creating the accident. Then, you can contact a lawyer for a truck crash who will determine the extent of liability.

There are certain aspects to consider when proving the liability of the event of a truck crash:

Determine that the driver was owed the duty of diligence in taking reasonable steps to prevent the collision.

Determine if the driver violated the obligation of care.

You must prove that you were negligent in causing the accident and you’ll suffer injuries.

You must prove that you suffered damage caused by these injuries. According to Cesar Ornelas.

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