What is the Most Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging?

Pollution is an old age problem. But this problem has yet not found a solution despite the world modernizing and getting itself equipped with technological advancement. Everyone is worried about the wretched state to which we are leaving our mother earth. 

However, different communities and businesses are trying to opt for options that are more eco-friendly and that they could confer upon Earth as gifts for its accommodation of humankind. Although they are not the ‘solutions’, they could widely contribute as limiting factors to further surges in the pollution levels. While the car manufacturing industries strived to partake, in the same cause, and are finally coming to a point where they would be eliminating the use of harmful fuels, the cosmetic industries are not lagging far behind. Most cosmetic brands have come out with eco-label cosmetics solely for spreading awareness about the environmental hazards as well as to reduce or limit their contribution towards this malice. 

The Eco-Labels Cosmetics are all the cosmetic products that receive a certificate or label from the authorized advisory boards stating that these brands are eco-friendly.  Such cosmetics will use a bunny to symbolize that they are free of animal testing. Also, they will use sustainable packaging for their products. Furthermore,  their policies and ingredients that go into making their final products are free of damaging anything or anyone. Like The Body Shop claims that everything they do does not harm. 

What is an Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Keeping in mind that the cosmetics market has the most versatile buyer ship, and has the most extensive use of plastics which could take 1000 years to be processed, the cosmetics industry has the most to do when it comes to environmental contamination. In the year 2018, 142 billion units of packaging were consumed by the cosmetic industry. In all honesty, they would not have been disposed of in an eco-friendly manner because most of them are not designed so.  Thus, sustainable packaging has been introduced which could lower the environmental impact. The idea of sustainability is incorporated such that economic aspects are also considered. Oftentimes, environmentally friendly packaging is more costly than the company’s affordability. 

The Varieties of Packaging

When buying a cosmetic product, we can see the variance of packaging. Different companies have different packaging for their products. From plastic to glass, there is a variety. Which packaging is eco-friendly? Let’s take a look. 

Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging has been criticized harshly for its potential to destroy the environment and its different species. But we have the option of bio-plastics. 

Bio-plastics are amiable to the environment. The by-products during the production of the bioplastics are always in high demand.  These containers can be reused for other purposes. Similarly, the refill policy is a good take on reusing the same containers. While it prevents factories from re-making them, it helps packaging to be more sustainable. 

Another type of plastic that is also suitable is high-density polyethylene. They are reusable and are accepted at Munich recycling facilities. 

But are plastics 100% biodegradable? That could be debated. Even bioplastics have their own shortcomings. They are better than most plastics, but even they are sometimes not completely broken down.

PCR Packaging

PCR stands for Post Consumer Resin. This is the technology that is revolutionizing the cosmetic world. It makes use of the used plastics and blends them into new plastic packaging. It is a popular choice because it gives a nice look and also satisfies the modern environmentally aware customer as if they have fulfilled their responsibility. 

The PCR is also highly favourable because it reduces the consumption of more fossil fuels and prevents further use of petrochemicals. 

Paper Packaging

Paper packaging is also widely used. It is because paper provides excellent reusable material. One may think that the use of paper would target forests and trees. Here is a thing. We have sustainable forests!  They are a good option for toxic petroleum-based products. 

Bamboo Packaging

This locally sourced innovative method is also doing rounds of applause for the cause of going green and going environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows quite quickly. It is biodegradable and compostable. 

Bamboo wood is also used in textiles and constructions now for it provides strength and durability.  

Glass Packaging

Glass packaging raised lots of eyebrows. The reason is that glass is a product of constituents that have to be mined. Mining is not eco-friendly at all.  One may contest that glass can be reused and would stand corrected but the problem is what about the glass that shatters? Its tiny pieces remain there and do not get completely broken down by soil.

Moreover, the transportation of glass-based packaging is also a serious job. You will have to insulate such packages with shock absorbers to prevent them from breaking. 

Why has Packaging Become such an Important Topic?

There are many factors to it. Today the world is connected and information is at the tip of our fingers. Sometimes, even if we are not looking for something, particular information would pop in front of us. There would not be many environmental enthusiasts if there were not many campaigns regarding them. All these campaigns have been making ways from one part of the world to the other. Hence, we have an educated and concerned community which is a good thing. This community influences the selling of products. 

The companies can no longer think of their benefits keeping financial aspects at top of their game. They have to be cautious of what customers want. A company has to make an impact on its customers. And the packaging is the first thing that customers see. 

The cover of the product gives an insight to the values of the company. Whether a company respects the fair and justified struggle of its consumers and contributes to the cause of environmental protection and presentation, all is being spoken by the packaging of the products. Therefore, packaging is an important element of cosmetic products today.

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