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What is the truth about the coconut oil hype?

Talking about coconut oil, there are many goodnesses of nutrition.

There is hardly any food in the fitness and nutrition industry that you currently read or hear more than about coconut oil.

Even our table neighbors at my favorite vegan, two nice older women, had no other topic of conversation yesterday.

Of coconut oil you will be slim, is much healthier than other vegetable oils, and has fewer calories … .soso.

Also, search for papaya health benefits, side effects.

As is always the case with this hype about superfoods:

As soon as it has reached the mainstream, everyone wants to have it and everyone wants to have a say without worrying beforehand about exactly where the food comes from and what effect it has.

Superfoods are healthy – many people think that knowledge is enough.

But there is still a little more to say about it. And coconut oil is an exciting food if you take a closer look at it.

Goes down like oil

Did you know, for example, that 99 percent of coconut oil consists of devilish saturated fatty acids?

After my article on fats at the time should immediately dismiss coco oil as bad, but at this point, I would be wrong.

Because: Up to 71 percent of these saturated fatty acids in coco oil are medium-chain in nature (medium-chain triglycerides, also medium-chain triglycerides, MCT for short).

And this property makes coconut oil so special, especially for athletes:

MCTs have slightly fewer calories (approx. 10%) compared to other fatty acids and are easier to digest because they go directly to the liver via the bloodstream and do not have to how other fatty acids are still to be metabolized.

This not only means quick energy for training but also a power booster for the brain, Bulletproof Coffees

Coconut oil also has the following effects on the body:

• Stimulates metabolism and therefore has a positive effect on fat loss

• Supports  production of bile and helps detoxify the body

• Lowers cholesterol level and supports the cardiovascular system

Versatile in the kitchen

Coconut oil has the practical property that it can be heated. Because it has a relatively neutral taste and only burns at over 290 ° C, it can be used, for example, to cook wok vegetables, but also to sear meat or fish.

In my opinion, coco oil is most delicious in all Asian dishes, where it can perfectly develop its slightly exotic note.

By the way, EatSmarter has put together some nice recipes with coconut oil.

Inside hui, outside … too!

Coco oil does not only have many healthy properties in the kitchen.

The vegetable oil is also recommended for external use because coconut oil:

• Works against dry skin.

• Increases the moisture content of the skin

So feel free to reach for the kitchen cupboard now and then and massage a little coco oil onto your lips and hair. Or add a teaspoon to the bathtub.

Makes beautiful soft skin!

Quality over price

When it comes to cocoa oil, it is very important to ensure it is of high quality and, at best, only buy virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil ( this one for example)



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