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What makes GIIS one of the best CBSE schools across Asia?

GIIS, Global Indian International School, is known for its exclusive initiatives to make a difference on the global platform, having its inception in Singapore, in 2002. Their mission and objective commit to imparting global education, along with experience, dedicated and determined teaching faculties. Being passionate in their field, they believe in developing ethical practices, integrity, teamwork, metrics, knowledge and attitude. 

According to many renowned news agencies, this “school of the future” stood unshaken even in the pandemic. The management has crafted a well-planned curriculum that can withstand every future challenge. It is said that the GIIS group is a part of visionary institutions that set a benchmark of their own through the implementation of the latest technology, systematic planning and strict leadership goals.

Choosing the best CBSE schools is usually considered to be a boon for the children as well as a crucial decision for the parents. The things that matter are:

Environment: At GIIS the curriculum reflects a complete personality development for the students. For example, GIIS Bangalore is located at a perfectly peaceful and aesthetic ambience that nurtures adaptability and motivation.

Branches: GIIS continues to spread its revolutionary ideas across 6 countries, across Asia. And, each branch of this school aims at the holistic development of the students. 

Extra-curricular activities: With a zeal to provide a nextgen appeal, SMART Campuses is meant to make everyone tech-savvy. This will help the students to compete with digital advancement. Science fests, Competitions, Cultural activities and Tournaments, are designed to help the student grow from varied dimensions.

Virtual Presence: GIIS has CBSE affiliation and their own website to exclusively address important declarations, information or dolmans of the parents.  And, owing to the pandemic, they have completely switched to virtual schooling within a few days after the lockdown. They collaborated with Google Classroom so that students do not face any disruption.

How to get an Admission at GIIS, Bangalore?

With GIIS you get the assurance that your kid is taking their steps in the right direction. So, if you are looking forward to CBSE school admission in bangalore at GIIS, here are the procedures you need to follow:

Note: The academic session is between June to March (the next year). The registration is open throughout the year, starting from August (the previous year). And, the application reviewing process is held in January (every year).

You can complete the admission process through simple, quick and easy-to-follow steps. Every step is designed to meet the convenience and to help you get onboard with GIIS.

Step 1

Gather all the relevant documents and fill the form accurately. It is always recommended to check the criteria specified.

Step 2

Sort every query by talking to the admission counsellor. Regards to their online platform, you can choose to meet them in person or have a virtual meeting. An assessment is taken to understand the academic depth of the student.

Step 3

Pay the registration fees, it is a non-refundable, and one-time payment. This guarantees that your child is going to be a part of GIIS if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Step 4

Before the beginning of the term, pay the admission fees for the year. Now, your child is all geared up for the academic adventure.

You gain complete assistance from the admission team of GIIS, to know about the fees structures, based on the grades and also about the scholarships that are bestowed to meritorious students. GIIS is a stepping stone for the students who want to excel not only in studies, but also in co-curricular activities.


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