Where can I get the best modular exhibition stands?

You can get the best modular exhibition stands at Expo Stand Services apart from the modular exhibition stand; we offer various exhibition services right from the design to the storage. You can avail yourself of whatever type and size of exhibition stand you wanted to have for your next exhibition and a blissful experience.

Being a major exhibition stand builder in Germany, and Europe, we provide custom-designed show stand designs keeping your brand in mind. We have a resilient brand presence throughout Europe and we gather a huge team that ensures well-timed shipping of stand designs to the display ground at the side of the stand set up and dismantles provider.

With years of industry experience, we apprehend the giant requirement of stand design that our customers propose. Exhibition stand designs that we create are solely designed to complement your brand image in the marketplace and repair your marketplace position.

Now before anything else let’s know about some of the important things about exhibition stand design and modular exhibition stand as that’ll help you to make wise decisions in having a successful showcase.

  • An exhibition stand is an essential part of your below-the-line (BTL) advertising and marketing sports including exhibitions and events. The exhibition stand acts as a point of touch between the brand and the goal institution even as additionally single handily represents the brand on the display.

If you’re a skilled exhibitor then you recognize that there are numerous patterns and sorts of exhibition stands including custom stands, modular stands, and custom-modular exhibition stand builder. Though maximum exhibitors are probably acquainted with custom stands, modular stands are unchartered territory for many. In this article, we shed mild on the idea of modular exhibition stands and why they’re the subsequent huge aspect of the exhibition industry.

What is modular/ modularity?

  • Modularity is the era that mixes impartial additives to shape a cohesive huge picture! For example, atoms come collectively to shape a molecule or diverse elements of Legos, while connected, shape an innovative structure.
  • In easy phrases, modularity is the idea of collating diverse small factors to create tailored solutions. From modular houses to furnishings and now to modular exhibition structures, modularity is a game-converting idea this is noticeably green and price effective, particularly in the long run.

What is modular exhibition stands for?

A modular exhibition stand represents a self-enough system. Modular exhibition structures can morph into diverse exhibition stand designs. Modular stands are flexible; eco-pleasant exhibition structures which might be clean-to-use and do now no longer always require technical help for meeting and dismantling.

  • Modular stands are highly flexible, and easily reconfigured to the desired designs.
  • Modular exhibition stands are a beneficial mixture of capability and modernistic techniques on account that they’re clean to transport. With changeable images, modular stands can transmute into a brand new display altogether.
  • Modular stands are the best choice for those who want to reused a stand for numerous times.

Here’re some advantages of a modular exhibition stand:

The high effect, eye-catching layout alternatives

  • There’s a lot of similarity between the modular exhibition stands and custom exhibition stands. Due to the diverse picture programs and the structural versatility exhibitors won’t omit anything.
  • It creates great effect at a low cost.
  • Another massive characteristic of those transportable presentations is the smaller, interchangeable images. In the case of the massive show designs, that requires large pictures to cowl their design. Printing of those images is frequently nearly as steeply-priced because of the framework and frequently now no longer replaceable.

Modular frequent method greater

  • Having transportable presentations does now no longer suggest which you have much less of an effect or sacrifice results. They are higher financially, permit for higher diversification in layout alternatives, and optimise it slow spent at those events.



  • Lastly, one of the high-quality blessings that incorporate the usage of modular exhibition stands is the cap potential to reuse the design once more and once more.
  • The custom exhibition stand is built wooden or different substances for a single-use.
  • Once the showcasing is done, those panels are easy to move to reuse it without any problems or getting destroyed.
  • It is easy to dismantle the Modular exhibition stand than a custom exhibition stand which makes it easy to use at different events.
  • Simply by converting the images or barely changing the layout with module additions an antique exhibition stand can experience an appearance new. This allows you to shop highly on remodeling and buying new stands, it additionally permits you to be greater environmentally pleasant.

Those were some of the benefits of modular exhibition stands. Now let’s talk about why you should choose Expo Stand Services for the best modular exhibition stand design.

How To Get the Best Modular exhibition stand, builder

You can select the best modular exhibition stand design without any difficulty at Expo Stand Services and once the stand design is finalized then we begin with the production process! Our client manager takes a whole duty to manipulate the exhibition and the whole challenge on your behalf, permitting you to recognition to your middle business and feature a hassle-free showing experience.

All in all, you don’t want to worry about the shipping of the exhibition stand due to the fact we’ve got a whole team who handles the end-to-end challenge for you. Also, we offer full-fledged logistical functionality to carry your stand design concept into reality. Nonetheless, our workplaces and warehouses are located across the globe, to provide you with the best. Get in contact with our stand specialists from any area of Europe.

The Out Stroke:

In the end, don’t wait and avail custom-designed stand layout solely designed to region your showing requirements. We have experienced and expert exhibition stand designers at Expo Stand Services whose skills ensure the innovative attitude who apprehend the significance of showing and layout the actionable stand primarily based totally on your brief, your goal segment, goals, advertising, and marketing strategy

Moreover, our exhibition stand builder specialists help the customers with amazing stand concepts which could assist them to gain the most results.

So, whether you’re looking for a modular exhibition stand, portable exhibition stands, or custom exhibition stand, contact us today for the best exhibition stand builder services.

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