Which Tablet Does Digital Artists Use?

If you are a digital artist then you’d want your talent to be showcased well on the digital platform. You would not want technology to hold you back from doing your best. For this very reason, the choice of a drawing tablet and drawing software makes a world of difference in your drawing precision. Basically, I am telling 4 Best Tablets That Digital Artists Use.

When it comes to software, two of the most famous ones are Adobe Animate and Clip Studio Paint. You can also get both of them at an affordable price during Adobe and Clip Studio Paint sale. . But choosing the right tablet is quite a complicated thing.

Some of the features you need to watch out for are screen size, screen resolution, screen sensitivity, color accuracy, pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, and lastly the price. So, here we have picked some of the best tablets that you can use for creating digital art.

4 Best Tablets That Digital Artists Use

There are hundreds of digital art tablets that you may find in the market. Out of them, we have comprised a list of the 4 best digital art tablets that you can use:

1. Wacom Intuos Pro L

This is one of the best tablets and is used by a large number of digital artists. Its screen dimensions are 16.8*11.2*0.3 inches and the available screen area is 12.1*8.4 inches. The available drawing area is good enough for most upcoming artists. The pressure sensitivity is 8192 which is the best Wacom offers even in its other high-end models. It is also tilt-sensitive and its built-in screen resolution is 5080lpi which is very good. Its weight is 1.3 kg makes it portable. The product costs around $499. Wacom also offers other higher-end models but those are not so portable and heavy. 

2. Apple iPad Pro

Apple’s products are known for being highly touch-responsive and have a great speed of response. The pressure sensitivity is very impressive and the stylus is also tilt-sensitive but there is a limitation with rotation. The 11-inch model is your best option. This model is powerful just like 12.9 inch and yet portable like 10.9-inch. It has a Liquid Retina display which is also very good. The chip is equally powerful in the 12-inch model and 11-inch model – M1 chip, with up to 16 GB of RAM. The battery life is also very good for 11 inches – 10 hours. It costs around $899 and is considered among the costliest tablets. Though, you can use the OWC promo code to purchase a refurbished Apple iPad pro at an affordable price.

3. XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

It is also a great table and is used by a large number of digital artists. The pressure sensitivity is 8192 level which is best available in the market. It also has 1920*1080p display resolution with a screen size of 15.6-inch. It is also inbuilt with 5080lpi resolution along with tilt sensitivity and supported 60 degrees of tilt function. XP pen Artist has a replaceable anti-glare film which makes the screen scratch-resistant and fully transparent. The screen is a fully laminated IPS display eliminating parallax. It also gives 8 customizable shortcut keys allowing you to make it more productive to suit your needs and workflows. The product costs around $599 that makes a great product with high value for money.

4. Gaomon PD1161

The last tablet for digital art that we have picked in this list is Gaomon PD1161. Its pressure sensitivity is as high as it could go – 8192 levels. Its available screen size is also good at 10.09*5.68 inches along with a diagonal size is 11.6 inches. It has a good resolution of 1920*1080 and works at a report rate of 266 PPS and a sensing height of 10mm. This also offers 8 customizable shortcuts to support your workflow needs. Additionally, it is compatible with both Windows and macOS. The cost of this tablet is around $400 that makes it a good choice for beginners.

So, these are the 4 Best Tablets That Digital Artists Use. All of these are trustworthy and you can use any one of them without any worry.

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