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Why is using a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script the Preferred Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Method?

Generally, an entrepreneur or startup planning to start a crypto exchange business will launch their crypto exchange platform in one of three ways,

Ways of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

  • Develop from Scratch
  • Build from Open-Source
  • Launch from Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

In these 3 crypto exchange development methodologies, launching your exchange platform from a crypto exchange script is the simplest and the most efficient way. Let me explain these 3 ways in detail!

At the end, you will know why crypto startups prefer crypto exchanges script as the best method to kickstart your crypto exchange platform.

Develop from Scratch:

  • Difficulty level — Developing your crypto exchange platform from scratch is a tedious process. You need a lot of technical support to complete the crypto exchange platform in one piece.
  • Price — Suppose, if you’re gonna develop your exchange platform from scratch, the development cost would be very high. Say $50k — $100k.
  • Time Period — You need at least 6–12 months of your time for your crypto exchange platform development.
  • Customization — Hard to customize. You have to ensure that your developers team can handle a robust code.
  • Beta Test — Tested only at the development time.
  • Features — Only a limited number of features is included in the crypto exchange platform development from scratch. In that regard, adding additional trading, security & ROI features will reflect in your crypto exchange development cost.
  • Add-ons — Very risky & too expensive

Build from Open-Source:

  • Difficulty level — Easy, only if you are highly expertise in Blockchain technology. But, it comes with a huge risk of hacking and data loss.
  • Price — Very high, because you need to integrate lots of trading & security API’s.
  • Time-Period — You can’t predict the time period to build your exchange platform.
  • Customization — Hard to do
  • Beta Test — Needs extensive skilled testing team
  • Features — You can add whatever feature you want, but it is not guaranteed for working.
  • Add-ons — Very risky & too expensive

Launch from Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • Difficulty level — Simple & easy to launch. The cryptocurrency exchange scripts are pre-designed, developed,& tested software. So, you launch your crypto exchange platform in a hassle free manner.
  • Price — When it comes to the cost, It’s really worth your money. Because the cost of a crypto exchange script starts from $5k [ The cost is not precise. Based on your business requirement the cost may slightly changes, but it will not exceed the scratch cost]
  • Time-Period — As previously discussed, the crypto exchange script is ready-made software. It is ready to launch in the market instantly.
  • Customization — The cryptocurrency exchange script is 100% customizable, so based on your business needs you customize your exchange platform.
  • Beta Test — The script is pre-designed & tested in real-world situations. Therefore, the script is 100% bug-free & secured.
  • Features — The bitcoin exchange script comes with all essential & advanced trading & security features at a budget-friendly price.
  • Add ons — Easy to integrate add-on modules at a low cost

Now, you’ll have a clear idea, why crypto exchange script is the best method for cryptocurrency exchange development. If you are a businessman or startup, you’ll be curious to know “Who offers or Where can you get the 100% secured & customizable crypto exchange clone script?

Who offers or Where can you get the 100% secured & customizable crypto exchange clone script?

Actually, it’s a million-dollar question for all startups & entrepreneurs. Nowadays, the market has only a few prominent crypto exchange clone script, providers. It may feel daunting choosing your suitable exchange clone script provider. But, it is not. I did some research on finding the best cryptocurrency exchange clone script providers and guess what?

I found a reliable clone script provider, CoinsQueens. You can opt for their services to stand out from your competitors by getting a reliable crypto exchange script from them which is 100% customized according to your crypto exchange business needs.

Before doing business with them, check out their free live demo @ Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

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