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Why My car won’t start | Reason and how to fix it

You only notice how important something is when it’s over … and this is especially true for your car. You use it to take your kids to school, drive to work, shop, travel around town, and more. When it suddenly stops working it is a huge pain. There are several reasons why your car does not start, but some are quite common than others. Below are some common reasons when a car won’t start and how to fix it. 

Car Won’t Start Due To Dead Car Battery 

A dead battery is the main reason that your car won’t start. With the battery, the car supplies the entire car and the electrical components (e.g. radio, etc.) with electricity. While the vehicle is moving, the alternator charges the battery. If the battery is insufficiently charged, you will not be able to start the car or use electrical components. The battery discharges for several reasons: spotlights or ceiling spotlights. Turned on overnight or for too long Has a loose cable The water inside the component has evaporated causing poor conductivity The battery life has expired Some common symptoms are: None of the electrical components are working. The battery indicator will often light up. For example, you can test if the battery is the problem by starting the car. Consider replacing the battery or alternator, cleaning the connections, or having a serviceman do it. 

Fault with the Ignition Switch

If you are well aware that the battery is working properly, but still your car won’t start the first few tries. The reason may be an ignition problem. You can try to determine the source of the problem by turning on the headlights. because your car battery controls the headlights and dashboard, and when you start the engine it doesn’t. If it can’t start, a defective ignition lock is probably to blame.

Car Won’t Start Due To Broken starter problem 

A broken starter is also the most common reason for a car not starting. A starter is an electric motor that connects to the battery. The function of it is to start the engine when the ignition switch turns on. The work on the starter has been completed. If the starter fails, the engine will not start properly or not at all when the ignition key is turned on. If you hear a click when you start the vehicle, the starter is faulty or weak, it may be the reason your car won’t start. This is very similar to the example of a faulty ignition switch mentioned above. One of the most common signs is the car not starting when you turn the ignition key. You hear a loud clicking sound when you turn the ignition key, but the engine won’t start Much noise when starting the vehicle 

Clogged fuel filter 

If your fuel filter is clogged, gasoline cannot get into the engine. This makes it difficult for your car to burn fuel. It Takes It To Drive Fuel filters that need replacement every 15,000-20,000 kilometers. So the next time you check your car, make sure to change the fuel filters. That’s the main reason why your car does not start. Also, it happens more often than you think! When you drive all the time it’s easy sometimes to forget that your gas tank needs filling – the solution here is simple …Get more gas! 

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We hope that you never experience a scenario where your car won’t start, but when your car won’t start and you need help, one of our skilled mobile mechanics will come to you to properly diagnose and evaluate the problem. In addition, a full auto inspection gaziantep escort bayan is an essential part of this service. If our mechanic is unable to fix the problem on-site, we’ll do a cost and parts breakdown to make sure you understand what the problem is and what it will look like. If you decide to have a follow-up repair with us, the initial inspection is free and we only charge you for the follow-up repairs.

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