Why Pick Unreal Engine For Mobile Game Development?

Unreal is one of the leading game development engines around the globe. It has various game development tools capable of producing everything, including 2D, 3D mobile games, or AAA consoles. Features like powerful graphics and user-friendliness make it a perfect choice for developing quality-rich mobile games. The working of the blueprint is quick as compared to other game engines. This feature contributes to the game engine being favored by mobile game development companies.

Game development is a field that needs a lot of experience and hard work. And Unreal has been immensely successful in this field. Primarily, Unreal Game Engine is known to bring out exceptionally fast render speeds and fine graphics; this makes it the best for indie or enterprise-level game developers who are looking for premier quality game development.

While learning about the Unreal Engine, you will surely be blown away by its excellent graphics, features, and capabilities. The amazing traits held by Unreal Engine are absolutely limitless.

When building mobile games from scratch, it’s tough to choose the perfect platform for development. It is user-friendly, engaging, modern, and immensely powerful. The availability of unlimited efficient features helps in advancements, which speeds up the gaming platform. To begin with all the fantastic features, it includes partnering with a mobile game development company and starting building your game.

Languages used in Unreal Engine

First, let us talk about what languages will be used for your game development using the Unreal game engine. The scripting language used here is C++. However, while actually building the game code, you would require knowledge of C++ as well as Blueprint. The Blueprint is the proprietary language of Epic. It contains the drag-and-drop feature. Moreover, it has amazing blueprints, just like building blocks to adjust and assemble small parts.

Selecting a game engine is actually very crucial to fill your idea with practicality. Here, we are going to talk about many of the characteristics of one of the most prevalent game engines, Unreal Engine, so you can see if it’s the right game engine for your project.

Advantages/Reasons to pick Unreal Engine.

  • Free:

There is no need for monthly subscriptions or upfront payment for Unreal making it more accessible to the public. The Unreal game engine is completely free of cost. In case your game’s revenue exceeds $1 million, then and only then you will need to pay a 5% cut.

  • 2D & 3D both:

Both 2D & 3D game development options are available. A developer would want to explore all the options such as 2D, 3D, multiplayer, AR, etc. Unreal provides all of these options.

  • Top Development Company:

The Unreal Engine is the product of the world’s leading game developers and publishers, Epic. The renowned games from Epic include the classic Unreal Tournament and Fortnite. The developers can immensely trust the platform as Unreal is developed by such a popular company. Epic used Unreal for the development of Fortnite and famous games, which makes Unreal quite a reliable tool. It can be assured the game engine can offer efficient results.

  • Source code:

Here, you are allowed to have access to the complete source code of the Unreal game engine. The code can be found on Github, uploaded by Epic. You can download the code and modify it as desired or according to your device. This allows the developers to have a personalized experience by adding or removing features from the code. Having a personalized Unreal game development engine makes the process better and easier.

  • Multiple Platforms:

Unreal Game Engine allows you to develop on both iOS and Android simultaneously. The only changes needed would be platform-specific minimal changes. It has one more significant advantage: you can develop a game initially for a single platform and later port the game on the other platform. Not stopping here, it also enables you to port mobile games to other platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, AR, etc.

  • Perfect for large-scale games:

As compared to other top game engines in the market, Unreal gets the highest votes for being suitable for the development of large-scale games. Unreal proves to be very robust and reliable in dealing with big scenes. It contains a lot of tools so that the developers can do pretty much everything.

  • Good support of the community:

Considering its features and services, Unreal is widely used by a vast community. The community support for Unreal is top-notch, providing the unmatchable quality and features you get with it. Generally, you can get a reply to your queries within a considerable amount of time from experts.

  • Can undertake a variety of projects:

As the world is getting creative and challenging, there are projects with unique and demanding concepts. For Unreal, that has been proven to be very flexible as it can handle any kind of task provided. Therefore, it provides a nice competition in the market.


Game engines are the most crucial part of a mobile game development company and the game development process. All the game engines have their own benefits on some level. Although, every developer around the globe has been praising the Unreal game engine for its exceptional game development outcomes. This is because when you choose the Unreal game engine, you can get unlimited benefits that are not possible with any other game engine. If the developers have chosen this game engine to work on your project, it would be a good decision. Considering the pace in the industry, it’s high time that you partner with a reliable mobile game development company working on the Unreal game engine and swiftly move forward with your project.

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