Why Schools Should Collect Fees using PayKun Payment Links

The education industry is one of the highest impacted industries due to the pandemic. Schools and other educational institutes have adopted new ways to continue with the classes and other activities. This impact seems to be the new normal. This also includes collecting the online fee payments.

With the shut down of the school, all the educational activities shifted online immediately to make sure that the children’s studies do not miss. Accepting fees was previously done on the campus, the students or their parents paid with cash or cheque. However, collecting schools fees has become a major concern post-pandemic.

Online Fee Payments – The best way for schools

Visiting schools has become an issue these days and thus the late payments and even the non-payments of the schools’ fees have become a big administration concern. For this, the digital payments system has become a savior.

Even with the adoption of the digital payment system with the bank transfer, there are other issues that persist-

  • Late payment transfer or failed payments – This increases the workload of the admin staff because they will need to reach out to the parents or students to request them to make the payment.
  • Different types of fees – There are so many types of fees and school payments such as regular fees, exam fees, competition fees, seminar payments, etc. It becomes difficult to handle the communication for every type of payment and resultant queries from the parents.
  • Fee reminders – This is a time-consuming extra task to be done since the school’s visits are longer a routine. Thus, online communication is something to be maintained.
  • Last but not least – reconciliation of the payments received in the bank account and the accounting software. This too takes extra time and the staff’s efforts.

Online fee collection is the best way but doing it the right way is also something that is extremely essential. This article gives you the most ideal way to accept online fees for the schools – PayKun Payment Links

Reasons why PayKun Payment Links are the best for fee collection

The PayKun payment link is an ideal method for online fees collection for the schools. It can solve major issues, let us understand how-

Act as reminders: The PayKun payment links can accept online payments for you and also they can act as reminders. You can send it through Whatsapp, email, SMS etc, and when the parents open it they would be able to see the amount and purpose pre-inserted which gives them an idea for what purpose it is.

Many payment options: The link would open a payment checkout with multiple payment method options including net banking, credit card, debit card, UPI, wallets, QR code, and also EMI.

Takes no time: One link with multiple settings can be sent to multiple parents at a time. Thus, it is easy and fast through the PayKun merchant dashboard. The school administration can create and send them in no time.

Other types of fees: Other payments can be easily collected with the PayKun payment links.

Reconciliation: The dashboard can help with the reconciliation of the fee payments. They contain detailed reports, analytics, data, and many other functions. It is a one-stop place that makes the fee work of the administration hassle-free.

Easy and Convenient: You may or may not have a website or app. Chances are you may not want to use it to accept fees. With PayKun payment links, you need not use your website or app to collect payments. More importantly, you do not require any integration hassles or technical knowledge. You can simply create the links from the dashboard and send them.

On the other side, it is also easy for the parents to pay. They just need to open the link and pay with their preferred payment method is the most secure way. This is because the PayKun payment links are also PCI DSS secure and follow all other security compliances.

Managing Failed Payments: The dashboard will give all the data and information about the failed payments from the respective payer. The staff can get in touch with them directly and notify them about the same in a fast and easy way.

How to create PayKun Payment Links?

It is very easy to get started with the Payment Links of PayKun. Below are the easy steps:

  1. Register the PayKun merchant account and get it activated. This is very easy and fast too.
  2. After the account is activated, log in to the PayKun dashboard.
  3. Go to the payment links section and click on ‘create’
  4. Enter the required details and send through your preferred channel from SMS, Whatsapp, email, etc.

Other PayKun benefits

PayKun is among the top payment gateways in India and charges the lowest transaction fees too. There are no other charges such as setup or maintenance. It has the best customer support and also it provides a dedicated account manager for each merchant account. Accept the online fee payments the right way with PayKun payment links. Sign up now!

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