Why the Air Jordan 14 is so special

There is probably no basketball fanatic who doesn’t know about the Air Jordan sneakers for men. Ever since they were launched in the 1980s these shoes have become cultural symbols, a brand that is as popular as the parent Nike brand. In fact, estimates suggest it is worth more than a billion dollars.

History of the Air Jordan

Nike took a risk and signed a unique deal with Michael Jordan in 1984. Nike used the popularity of this talented young basketball player to release a co-branded line of shoes. Ironically, Jordan used to wear only Adidas shoes before signing the deal with Nike.

To start with, the first Nike Air Jordan shoes were made exclusively for Michael Jordan in 1984. Now known as the Air Jordan I, these shoes was re-released many times, and yet, their sales have shot through the roof.
There is this story many of you may not know. The NBA in those days did not like players wearing colorful shoes; all shoes worn on the basketball court had to be white. If anyone broke the rule, the NBA would fine them $5,000.
Considering the popularity of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan sneakers, Nike agreed to pay the $5,000 fine to the NBA so that Mike could wear the Air Jordan’s for all his professional matches.

This news sparked the headlines in those days. Nike used this to their advantage and made a TV commercial that portrayed the rebellious aspect of these sneakers.
Nevertheless, Nike and the Air Jordan brand went hand in hand for years. The Air Jordan logo became as popular as the Nike Swoosh logo.

Michael Jordan was getting increasingly popular for his exploits on the court. Taking inspiration from this, Nike launched new versions of the Air Jordans and got Mike to wear them to court. This simple tactic of getting the latest Air Jordan sneakers publicity through Mike’s popularity saw the Air Jordan’s popularity skyrocket throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The popularity of Air Jordan skyrocketed to such an extent that they used to vanish from retail shelves immediately after the launch. All budding basketball players and enthusiasts saw Michael Jordan as a role model and wanted to emulate him by wearing his signature Air Jordan. They liked to imitate the way he slam-dunked his way to victory.

Michael Jordan’s last NBA match

Alas, it was time for Mike’s retirement. During the last moments of the 1998 NBA championship final match between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz, both teams were tied at 86. It was during this time, his last NBA match, where he scored the ‘Last Shot’ that gave the Bulls its victory.

For this match, Michael Jordan wore his signature Air Jordan 14s. Though these weren’t the latest Air Jordan sneakers, these shoes became the rage amongst sneakerheads and basketball enthusiasts.
Though the previous versions of the Air Jordan’s were known to be a little heavier, the Air Jordan 14 sneakers were light and easy on the feet, helping increase its popularity.

What made these sneakers special were the 14 Jumpman logos to denote the authenticity of the Air Jordan 14. After this model, most other Air Jordan sneakers had 14 logos on the shoes, 7 for each shoe.

In the End

Even today, Air Jordans are one of the most successful sneaker brands. Even though Nike has co-branded sneakers with other celebrities, people still Buy Air Jordan Sneakers as and when they need to. The exceptional quality of the shoes and Michael Jordan’s popularity are still the same even after three decades.
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