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Wix Vs Shopify: Which To Choose?

In the field of e-commerce, comparisons between the two giant web-building platforms Wix and Shopify is nothing new. Both are well known in the industry. Though both are built to allow users with no programming background to build their dream site through them using a simple drag and drop system. It doesn’t mean that they were founded with the same intention. Where Wix was intended for small businesses, portfolios, blogs, etc. Shopify was specifically created as a store.

Now we all know how popular the e-commerce platform is. It’s a wonderful platform for people who want to start their own business and earn from home online through it. Among them, there are many who don’t know the first thing about how to operate the website. Or why would they even need it?

Well, the website of an e-commerce platform is very important as it acts as your own digital store on the platform. It’s the core point from where you run your business. But why are people so eager about it?

Well, if you think about it, it’s quite obvious. If we think cost wise then it’s quite cost-efficient. For instance, if you were to set up a physical store then it would have cost you a lot. And the amount would have been something that normal people wouldn’t be able to achieve. But to build a website you just need a domain and hosting to place the site. Which would at most cost you a few hundred bucks. And as for the site for that, you can either hire a developer or do it yourself. Though doing it yourself is better than hiring someone. But what would you do if you are not from a coding background?

This is where Wix and Shopify come in. Since you can customize your site even if you are not from a coding background. In a sense, some of their features are quite similar.


Their structure is very simple. They both have a lot of themes and plugins available in order to customize your site. And the builder is designed in a drag and drop system which is very easy to use. Also, both platforms have their own affiliate schemes that allow us to earn some extra cash along with our marketing campaign.

That’s all for the similarities. Now let’s talk about where they differ.

Wix vs Shopify


Wix was built for small businesses or personally used sites like a portfolio site or blog site. Though it also has the ability to start an e-commerce business as well it was not meant for it. Thus it can’t handle a large-scale business. Whereas Shopify was mainly built for this purpose thus it’s easier for it to handle such large business.


Though both sites have free trials they are equipped with very few functionalities. Specially Shopify, as its free trial is only for two weeks at most. Whereas Wix’s free trial has lots of restricted functionalities.


Both have quite a good collection of templates. But for the collection of themes Wix takes the prize. But that doesn’t mean Shopify loses. In its defense, it only loses because it has a lot of variants of the same theme. Also if talk about responsiveness then both take the cake but Shopify has the edge. As in wix the end-user has to do it two times as there are two designs respectively for large and small screens.

Final Evaluation

These are just some of the differences. But the end result is up to you. But if you ask me then for e-commerce Shopify would be a better choice for the e-commerce platform. As it’s built for it. And if you lookup affiliate content creators in Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Tiktok, Streaming Plug, etc. You would be amazed to know how many users you would find have different opinions about them. So watch and understand and make your own judgment which one to choose.

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