5 Strong Reasons for selecting SuiteCRM E-signature Addon

Earlier, our business has made consistent and sound investments in DocuSign and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our organization runs on a contract and agreement basis so we selected DocuSign and we started sending the valuable documents from there and managed the data in CRM software. With every day passing, we started believing that it takes a ton of time from us as we both managed separately. Then an idea strikes in our mind to curate an extension that saves countless hours for this process. Introducing SuiteCRM E-signature plugin where no such requirement of managing both manually. 

What is SuiteCRM DocuSign Extension?

In very simple words, the add-on online signature in SuiteCRM helps to use the digital signature and send it from one platform where there is no need to manage both separately. You are free to share the documents from CRM software while using your online signature and the data will be managed in both CRM and DocuSign. 

Outright Store presented this extension for every business size that doesn’t spin out of control. You don’t need to visit your client’s office for signing the document regarding purchasing SuiteCRM plugins, marketing purposes, or for any matter. Just use this add-on and send a document using an E-signature and your task is done within a minute. Simple! 

Around 24 million e-commerce stores are there selling top-grade plugins or different products according to their business requirement. If you are a CRM user then this plugin is for you. It gives an incomparable experience to the Real-Estate sector, IT industry, Banking organization, Sales and Marketing, and much more.

Big Reasons for choosing SuiteCRM DocuSign add-on

You need to choose the E-Signature of SuiteCRM plugin to evolve your business with every day passing. Have a look at the jotted points given below-

  • The first big reason behind using the Online Signature of SuiteCRM is Real-time synchronization. Don’t even think that the update process is too late or the activities you will do, it will update on both platforms after an hour or the next day. Our product feature is real-time sync between DocuSign and SuiteCRM system. 
  • No such need to leave important tasks just to visit the client’s office for signing purposes. Leverage our addon in your business and send documents from here and this saves your precious time and high efforts. 
  • A notification will always appear on your screen when you do anything. This is the best way to stay alert about every activity if not done by you. Add this to your list of strong reasons for choosing the SuiteCRM DocuSign add-on. 
  • Whenever you share any document with anyone, the records will always remain safe. We believe that it is better to maintain every customer history all the time. You can access their history for your business purpose anytime. 
  • Suppose you use the online signature for sending a document to your customer. After you send it, you can download the document from your CRM. Downloading the document is also possible after you complete the process via the SuiteCRM DocuSign add-on. 

Interested in a Free product tour service?

No matter whether you are a newbie in your business or well seasoned. It might be a daunting task to understand the Installation and Configuration of an extension. But you need to fret no longer because our developer can help you with this. How? We can provide you with a Free product tour service. The reason is simple to make everything crystal clear regarding the Installation and Configuration of a product. Remember: this add-on we are talking about is compatible with every version of SuiteCRM. 

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Outright Store

Free and Paid SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Products are just one click away to get into your CRM. All you need to do is just get in touch with Outright Store which has a well-versed experience in curating this phenomenal extension to handle your CRM operation and make your business smarter in the market. When dealing with Outright Store you will see enormous of add-ons that are easy to use plus fixed with ultimate functionalities. Moreover, CRM businesses can get frontline services such as Data migration, Integration, Customization, Hosting, Maintenance, etc.

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