7 Types of Explainer Videos You Must Know About

Video marketing is something that is best for businesses of all domains.  Many business experts are now agreed with the fact that video marketing does increase the sales graph of a company. Many surveys have predicted that videos are about to consume 82% of the overall internet traffic by 2022. In all types of videos, Explainer video has made its unique position in the heart of clients. One can make an explainer video by himself or can deal with any explainer video agency. There is much free online software available on the internet, you can make one from the comfort of your room. 

Explainer video agencies have top professionals to make high-quality videos they focus on every aspect of video wheatear it is an appropriate voice-over or background music. 

Today, in this post we’ll cover 7 types of explainer videos that are capable to generate leads.

1.2D character animation

It is a type of Explainer video where you can make a two-dimensional video with characters, storyboards, backgrounds, and other objects in a 2D environment. Simply, Here you can promote your brand or product concepts with the Help of 2d characters. It works out amazing for many kinds of businesses. The most amazing thing about technology explainer videos is that you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money to create them.

  1. 2D infographics Animation

2D infographic animation is another type of 2D animation video that is best for small businesses but it does not include 2D characters. Generally, in this type of video, you can create a lot of amazing visual effects in images and texts. 2D Infographic animation is particularly very useful when you are promoting an irritating product or service. Just by using motion graphics, You can create your videos colorful and dynamic, so that your audience will enjoy the video while knowing about your brand/service.

  1. 2.5D Animation

This is the Best alternative to 3D animation when you want to make a video without the need for sophisticated animation skills, a high budget, and more time. That means, 2.5 D offers the best of both worlds on a smaller budget. It involves 2D images and 3D objects working hand in hand, on the same platform. It offers you to make a video more appealing and humanely if you want to convey something that requires things between 2D and 3D.

  1. Whiteboard Animation

It is one of the most popular explainers video types where you can create an amazing video by using sequential images on a whiteboard. It includes drawing skills to clear a concept on the whiteboard. When your audience is watching whiteboard videos, they are initializing their mirror neurons. You just need to match the voiceover according to the drawing characters of the video to get successful results from your whiteboard video. Many software is available to create a whiteboard animation software video. You can also use them to make a stunning whiteboard video quickly and simply.

  1. Live-Action video

In this type of explainer video, you can use humans or animals to convey your idea. This type of video creates empathy and compassion in your audience. It requires set-up, budget, scripts and narratives, and interviews. People who hate animation can go with live-action videos. These videos are very good at explaining something practically without using any high-tech editing. Lights, camera, and action!

  1. Screencast Explainer video

In this type of explainer video, you can record and narrate the tasks that you are performing on your computer screen. Screencast Explainer videos are highly recommended by start-ups because the only thing that you need to do is to use some simple software and record your screen. People prefer this type of video who do not want to disclose their images. The budget of this video is incredibly low.

  1. Kinetic typography explainer

Kinetic Typography explainer videos are very much good at grabbing eyeballs as it is the type of video where you can convey your message or concepts by playing with the words and other objects in an entertaining way. It offers a lot of different Fonts and styles that can help you to deliver your messages effectively. 

What’s your next move?

I mentioned above some of the best app explainer videos for small-small organizations. There are other types of videos as well, but these are the appropriate type of videos work best for small-size companies. Hope that you will consider this post before planning the next video marketing campaigns. So, choose the best fit and promote your brand attractively as much as possible. 

So, this was all about this blog. You can contact our company The ESSENCE STUDIOS if you have any queries regarding video production. We’d love to help you. Thank you

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