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Josue Burgos, aka FaZe Swing, was born in the USA on January 27, 2004. His zodiac sign of Aquarius is his birth sign and he is an American citizen. He is a professional Fortnite player and probably best known for being part of the FaZe Clan.

Education and early life

FaZe Sway was the first child of a family of Puerto Rican immigrants. She has a brother and two sisters. Their father was an auto mechanic and their mother was a Spanish teacher at a local college.

FaZe Sway was a young boy who became interested in video gaming after he saw his brother playing on his Xbox.

Career in gaming

FaZe Sway was recognized in the gaming community through his YouTube channel, and the tag “Rogue Josue”. In March 2017, he uploaded his first video, “Easy De Atomizer”, which featured him playing “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”. Most of his subsequent videos feature him playing games from the “Call of Duty” franchise. He switched to “Fortnite” in October 2017 and has been creating gameplays, and montages since then. FaZeSway quickly gained a reputation for his unique playing style. He uses an emulator to play and Teach about faze sway controller settings, which is not common among “Fortnite” players.

His first video, “FaZe Sway Vs Ghost Aydan”, was his first to reach a million viewers. . His YouTube channel, “FaZe Sway”, currently has nearly four million subscribers.

 FaZe Sway joined FaZe Clan as a content creator in 2019.  The 13-year old H1ghsky1 joined later that year. FaZe Sway did not show his face for a while on his channel, leaving many wondering what his looks are like.

In a YouTube video entitled “FAZE FACE REVEAL OICIAL” by Amp Gaming, he finally revealed his face. It was uploaded in April 2019.He almost exclusively uses the “Fortnite” ‘Dark Bomber” skin in his videos. FaZe Sway is known for his editing skills and precision in aiming, often with Cizzorz (a fellow FaZe Clan member).

FaZe has also participated in many “Fortnite” championships. In May 2020, he won his greatest tournament success by taking third place in Series Invitational Chapter 2 Series 2 Solo Categor

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan, a professional esports organization, was founded in Los Angeles on 30 May 2010.This clan is made up of players from around the globe and plays a variety of games, including “Call of Duty”, Fortnite, “Valorant” and many other.

They began their YouTube journey as a “Call of Duty” clan, founded by Eric ‘CLifpZ ‘Rivera, Ben ‘Resistance’ Christenses, Jeff ‘House Cat ‘Emann. FaZe Clan quickly became a popular YouTube channel thanks to their focus on trick shooting and clever social media marketing. Their channel had one million subscribers in 2012 and they began competing in esports championships. They saw a rise in popularity after Richard “Banks” Bengston joined them. In 2013 they started incorporating lifestyle content into their gaming videos.

In 2018, the clan invited investors to invest in the company. The investors list now includes stars like Pitbull, Offset, and Swae Lee. FaZe clan has been a partner with many other companies since then, including G Fuel and Nissan, as well as Manchester City. Lee Trink is the current CEO, and Greg Selkoe its president.

FaZe Clan House in Burbank, California, has been occupied by a number FaZe members since May 2021. It has 10 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and multiple game rooms. There is also a gym and large swimming pool. 

FaZe Clan makes content and competes in e-sports competitions. Faze Sway Settings and Life Biography A significant portion of their revenue comes from selling merchandise. They sell jerseys, T-shirts, and other clothing items in their online shop. Eight custom flavors were created as part of their partnership to G Fuel energy drink company. They were involved in numerous fundraising efforts to help fund coronavirus research.

FaZe Clan, which is valued at $240 million in total, currently supports over 80 gamers and content creators.

Social media presence

FaZe Sway is active on social media, other than YouTube.

His verified Instagram account is @fazesway, which has more than 3.2million followers. He uploads screenshots and short clips from “Fortnite” and other games to it. . He’s also very active, having tweeted nearly 25,000 times. He prefers to make short videos than live-stream his matches, despite being a well-known gaming influencer

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Interesting facts and hobbies

Although Fortnite is his favorite videogame, FaZe Sway enjoys switching things up. He also likes “GTA V”, Yakuza 0 and “The Last of Us”.

He is a huge fan of hip-hop music and has a particular love for Travis Scott and Kid Cudi.FaZe Sway considers herself a cat person – he frequently talks about cats via his Twitter account and has Shadow, a black pet cat.

Age, appearance, and net worth

FaZe is 17 years old. He is short with dark hair and brown eyes and stands at 5ft 8ins (1.75m). He weighs in at 132lbs (60kg). His net worth was estimated to be over $1.2 Million as of May 2021.

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