Best Hair Color For Indians

Hair coloring is a fun activity for everyone irrespective of their gender. But choosing the perfect hair color is a real ball game. It can get difficult with the humongous number of options that are available in the markets these days. Although, you need not worry even the slightest because we got you covered. Here are some of the coolest and latest best hair color for Indians that are easily available in the markets and online stores. Select your favorite one from these shades in your preferred brand and get rid of your grey hair or get an all-new look.

All of us have the right to go hay-wire with our hair color. But, we Indians have a very special skin tone which makes it even more difficult to get the one; as in the right hair color. But here’s a list of the best hair color for Indians. Pick these if you wanna play it safe or experiment however you like because YOLO!

  • Brown: 

There are so many variants of the brown hair color available in the market that you can choose the one that goes best with your personality from these. Brown hair colors go well with all Indian skin tones and give a look that is no less than the cine stars or those influencers. The ones with a warmer skin tone can easily go for the darker shades of brown and the cooler skin tone ones can pick the lighter ones on the other hand. 

One thing you must always keep in your mind is that knowing your skin tone well is imperative before you pick any hair color for yourself. 

  • Burgundy: 

Wanna look like Aishwarya Rai Bachhan From Ae Dil Hain Mushkil? This is just the right season to get that look. Put on some overcoats, leather boots, and go Burgundy. Yes! You heard us right. That’s the hair color that she used to blend into the skin of the character. It goes well with every Indian skin tone ever and adds a different elegance and quirk at the same time to your personality. There’s no clear substitute for this color because it has an irreplaceable charm attached to it. You will also get many variants of this hair color, so pick the one that you like the most.  If you’re looking for the right shade of Burgundy then you can go for the Godrej Expert Rich Crème because it gives your favored shade within your budget.

  • Red: 

Red is again a bit of a risky call but it is truly a fashion statement. Any shade of red hair color is bound to suit the Indian skin tone and it is designed to specifically add some layers and texture to your entire look. If you wanna turn heads with your head then go red. Without any second thoughts, this can even start a new inning in your lookbook for life.

  • Blonde or Golden:

People with slightly wheatish skin tones can go for this extremely beautiful shade of hair color. It suits their skin tone perfectly well and adds a really classy feel to your hair. Also, if you have already done global Brown on your hair then you can go for Blonde or Golden highlights to add some edge to your whole look. Blonde hair colors are readily available in the market and you can also use some lighter shade of brown to achieve this look. 

  • Blue and violet:

We all know that Fashion is never static and so is the world of Hairstyling. These days the fashion experts are loving the idea of funky shades like Blue and Violet. Most people are getting blue-violet highlights done lately because they’re loving the absolutely fresh vibe that these shades are adding to their lives. Youngsters have gone all out with all their favorite shades and versions of these hair colors and set a whole different benchmark in the past few months. Long story short, these two hair colors have practically revolutionized the entire world of hair colors.

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  • Black:

Jet Black hair color is the evergreen classic at every Indian household since we can recall. The Indian women and even men prefer going natural black to conceal their grey hairs instead of any other shade. And that is exactly what makes this shade such a popular shade to date. The rich black long hair can never really go out of style in here. This is why we couldn’t drop this hair color from the list because this shade is just like an ‘agony aunt’ the answer to your greys and not blues. 

These are some of the best hair color for Indians that we have curated after observing the various ongoing fashion trends in the world of hairstyling. You can go for these without any hesitation because these go with more or less all possible Indian skin tones. If you’re still bothered about which brand of hair color you should go for, get a pack of Godrej Expert Rich Crème today at a super affordable rate and live your fantasy! The product is available in a wide range of colors and along with it, these colors are absolutely ammonia-free which makes it even more suitable for your hair. Happy Coloring!

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