Get Fixed Epson Printer offline Mac issues

If you are an Epson printer user on the Mac system, then you are well aware of the fact that Epson printers have been made to perform efficiently with Mac operating systems without causing any eminent error. However, there may be times when you come across some technical faults and one of them is the “Epson printer offline Mac” error message or Epson printer is not responding. The reason that might drive this error is the poor configuration of the printer’s setting or unexpected fault in the installation process etc. This can interrupt your printing job and cause a delay.

Epson printer offline Mac indicates that the OS is unable to communicate with the printer. During such cases, it becomes challenging to handle the situation, after all, time is precious.

Troubleshooting starts with ensuring the Epson printer & computer connection, manually switching to online, canceling the printer jobs, and reinstalling the printer drivers. Let’s start fixing it now.

Epson printer offline issues on Mac happen due to some reasons. Here are those reasons: 

  • Your Mac has recently got an update
  • Due to the update compatibility issue, the printer drivers could be completely uninstalled.
  • Your printer might not be support with macOS after all.
  • Maybe the USB port not working
  • Your printer MAC address might not be readable on the network by mac.
  • Communication problem
  • Epson Printer Driver Issues
  • The printer might be in Stand-by mode.
  • Mac gave Command to the wrong printer.
  • The printer got restrict by the Mac firewall due to security reasons.

So here are some very effective techniques that will help you to fix the Epson printer offline problem on Mac.

How Can I Fix Epson Printer Offline Mac Error?

  1. The users have to confirm that none of the cables have become loose and also check if the power of the printer is on.
  2. After the step above make sure that there are no paper jams in the paper tray and also there are enough papers to print.
  3. Now, install the updates if any update is available, from the software update.
  4. After all this Restart should be press to fix Epson printer keeps going offline Mac.
  5. Now, check if the problem is fix or not by printing something using your printer, it can be any document or any picture or anything. After selecting your printer from the list you just have to click on the Print button.

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In this post, we have covered the solution of the Epson printer offline Mac error. Follow the above-given steps and you will be able to fix this error in no time.


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