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How to connect rock space wifi extender to router | re.rockspace.local

Connect rock space wifi extender to router It’s linked to a clandestine network. The SSID name of the switch is shown on the device’s bottom and can be altered in simultaneous settings.

  • Open your program on your device and type into the address box, then press Start on the first page.
  • Select a connection type. The switch has three connection methods: PPPoE, Dynamic IP Address, and Static IP Address.

You’ll find autoconfiguration here. You can choose the precise type of link in your network by giving data as needed. The next button should be pressed.

Keep in mind that if you’re using a PPPoE connection, you’ll need to provide your PPPoE client name and password before pressing Next.

If you’re utilizing a dynamic IP for your web association, click Next.

Enter your IP address and any additional information provided by your ISP if your web connection is static IP, then click Next.

  • The SETUP page is now available. To help your network stand out, give it a name and a password.

You can either add the Wi-Fi password to the login password or create a new one before clicking Next.

You finish the site’s setup swiftly.

When you apply this option, the switch will reboot. Look through your Wi-Fi network list for an SSID that no one else has assigned. To connect to the AC2100 switch, you’ll need the password.

  • Open your device’s app and type into the address field, then enter your password and tap “login.”
  • You’ve joined the new Wi-Fi network and can now squeeze in as much capacity as you need on this page. A range of settings can be found on the left side.

How To Connect Rockspace Wifi Extender

ROCKSPACE WIFI RANGE EXTENDER are the easiest and fastest way to extend the range of your existing WIFI.

Follow these given steps to connect your ROCKSPACE WIFI RANGE EXETNDER to your phone or laptop:

  • Firstly, turn off your mobile network before connecting.
  • Then, plugin the WIFI extender into an electric socket.
  • After that, wait till the indicator stays solid on.
  • Now, open up WIFI on your android, iPhone or laptop.
  • Choose ROCKSPACE WIFI EXTENDER to connect.
  • Open up the web page after successful connection enter re.rockspace.local setup the password of the WIFI extender.
  • Now, find the existing WIFI network that you wish to extend then, type on the existing WIFI network.
  • Finally, it is successfully connected.
  • Now you can relocate it on a place where the networks are not so good (dead zone area) or a place where you want to extend your network.


Before going to the configuration of the device you must know the login credential for your ROCKSPACE booster device to easily access settings and manage quickly. As, you can also find the default Login IP address, usernameand password printed to ROCKSPACE Sticker as well as a quick user manual included with the box.

Default Login URL– re.rockspace.local OR IP Address –

Default Username– NA

ROCKSPACE password– you have to create a new password for first time login connect rock space wifi extender to router.

When, everything is ready with you to setup a range extender device now the time to continue next steps.

Open your WEB BROWSER and access re.rockspace.local or 192.16810.1 and wait to load login page. Now you have to create a new login password for the range extender during first time setup. So, use a strong login passcode and then press the next button.


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