How to Move Hotmail Folder in Outlook PST with Attachments?

As per the new technology, a lot of users want to shift data from the Hotmail account to the Microsoft Outlook email application. That’s why they all are looking for the best solution for how to move Hotmail folder in Outlook email client without any data loss. I just want to share with you that within three days of my working I had received so many users queries that all are related to Hotmail to Outlook conversion process. Let’s go through all the user queries that we have mentioned below.

User Queries

How to move Hotmail folder in Outlook 2019?

How to copy Hotmail folders to desktop Outlook without any error?

Can I export Hotmail email data to MS Outlook with attachments?

How do I save Hotmail folders into Outlook application in bulk?

After getting all the user queries, we have started research and found the available techniques to solve all these problems. That’s why we write up this article to provide you the solutions for how to move Hotmail folder in Outlook email client. So, interested users can follow the entire blog material that starts with the introduction of Hotmail and Outlook. Keep reading…

Introduction of Hotmail

Hotmail is also called as Windows Live Hotmail, which is one of the topmost popular free online Email Host service suppliers. It gives many facilities like access to emails, Manages address books, Calendar items, meetings schedule, and many more. Basically, the application is founded by Microsoft Corporation as a Webmail service provider.

Introduction of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client application for accessing email accounts online on the desktop supported system. Microsoft Outlook is favored to access Exchange Server email files, but it doesn’t make for accessing the application only. It is a famous email application among users that comes with the Microsoft Office package. Users can simply access any other email database and email account with the MS Outlook application without any limitation. Microsoft Outlook application can easily manage complete mailbox items includes emails, contacts, calendars, etc. And, it can save complete data in PST file format.

Different Reasons to Backup Hotmail Folder to Outlook PST:

The maximum time it is observed that the reason for backup Hotmail data to Outlook is the advance benefits provided by the MS Outlook application. Some of the main benefits have been discussed below:

  • MS Outlook email client can save the intact mailbox items locally on your machine in PST file format.
  • Microsoft Outlook is integrated with so many other email applications.
  • The MS Outlook application facilitates a user familiar interface.

Solutions for How to Copy Hotmail Folders to Desktop Outlook

1: Manual Way

2: Professional Way (Hotmail to Outlook Tool)

Let’s go through with both solutions one by one.

Working Steps of Manual Solution

  1. Firstly, you need to start Microsoft Outlook application and then follow the tabs: File >> Add Account.
  2. Press the option “Manual setup or additional server types” and then hit the next.
  3. After that choose the facility that you want and then hit on “Next”.
  4. In the “POP and IMAP Account Settings” window you can fill all the required details. And, then go to click on the “More Settings” option.
  5. Now you will get the “Internet E-mail Settings” window in which you need to select the options “Outgoing Server >> My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication >> Advanced tab”.
  6. In this step, you need to mention the information asked in the Advanced tab.
  7. Then, check the option “Leave a copy of messages on the server” and “Remove from server after 14 days” and hit “OK” to continue the procedure.
  8. After following the above steps you will directed to the window “POP and IMAP Account Settings” and then, hit “Next”

Important Note: If you will get any type of error, then follow the few steps that we have mentioned below:

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9. All these error chances arise while configure by using POP3 and it is not permitted at the user’s account. So, get the steps to enable the POP3 in account:

9.a: Start and login to your Hotmail account

9.b: Navigate to the options “Settings >> Options >> POP and IMAP”

9.c: Now, go to Mark the POP option as “Yes” and then, save it properly. Finally, it is enabled. So, quickly proceed to close Hotmail and then, take a step and jump back to Outlook.

10: Hit on the “Next” icon that provides you a new window in which you need to click on “Close”.

11: Finally, quickly hit on the “Finish” button to complete the configuration procedure to save Hotmail emails to Outlook.

Limitations of Manual Solution
  • It is a very lengthy procedure.
  • It takes too much time of the user.
  • This solution is not perfect for bulk files backup.
  • Not suitable for non-technical users.

Hotmail to Outlook Tool (Professional Way) to Save Hotmail Emails to Outlook 2019/2016/2013

If the manual solution fails at any point, so you can directly opt one of the excellent Hotmail to Outlook Tool and operate it on any Windows machine. It is the professional suggest solution for all the technical and non-technical users.

Hotmail to Outlook Tool facilitates simple and short steps of working that can be quickly accessed by anyone without any worry. This program supports batch function by which users can export their bundles of Hotmail email folders to Outlook PST format at once time. The working steps of the professional method can save your Hotmail emails to PST format supported by MS Outlook. After that, you can import all the PST files into any MS Outlook editions like- 2019, 2016, 2013, etc. It offers many advance benefits to its performers i.e. save email attachments, provide email filters and date filters, selective folder backup, shows the live process, and so on. The application is well-supported to all Windows OS platforms like- 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista, 10, and all the others.

Download free Hotmail Email Backup solution demo version for solving the issue of how to move Hotmail folder in Outlook PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Exchange Server, IMAP Server,, Amazon WorkMail, and so on. With this free demo, performers can save the first 25 items from Hotmail to any other format without any cost. It is only for testing purposes, for saving above 25 files you can buy its license key which supports unlimited files conversion.

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