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India Online Gaming Market (2021-2027),share, industry & 6Wresearch


The India Online Gaming Market is expected to register two-digit growth prospects in the future. E-sports in the country is hitting a new milestone in support of the ever-expanding digital age.

As the country grows in value-driven use and increasing focus on local development, online games and applications are seeing a significant increase and are expected to shape the competitiveness of the online gaming market industry in the country in the future.


Another factor contributing to India online gaming market can be the deep penetration of smartphones. Cheap smartphones in urban and rural areas across the region have contributed to the growing interest in sports not only for children but also for adults and are expected to shape the competitiveness of the Indian sports market in the future.

There are many best-selling smartphones in all price categories in India .due to this you can check out these smartphones for playing games are:-.


  • Xiomi
  • Real me
  • Vivo
  • Samsung
  • One plus


With the increase in the number of people with Smartphones and the fast internet over the past few years, India online gaming industry in India has seen growth. Many Indian players have spent their time playing on phones. This has also given impetus to technology companies that produce PCs and phones that support online games.

Various mobile games have lakhs of  Indian subscribers.   You must have heard these popular E-games in India:-

  • Call of Duty
  • PUBG
  • Counter-Strike
  • 8 Ball Pool.

    COVID-19: –

    A study highlighted that covid-19 continued to grow as users clung to online gaming platforms with no entertainment options during the closure.

    The global outbreak of the COVID-20 epidemic has led to a sharp increase in India’s hot online gaming market. As countries seek to close down in order to win a bid to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, interest in online gambling has also begun.

    The increase in time spent at home has led to an increase in people’s interest in leisure activities and is expected to lead to a reduction in the need for online games to be used by the consumer. The result will be an increase in the ever-growing growth of the Indian Online Gaming market in the future.


    Time spent on gaming applications, increased by 21% during the first national shutdown, with a total number of customers falling to 300 million users. While the advent of vaccines and the resumption of economic activity could lead to a reduction. Even with a reduction in the average time spent on video games, the industry was already in high gear.


    RANKING:  –

    India comes under the top five gaming markets in the world. it shares 13% of globally. Expected are to add 40 million online gamers by the year 2021. All above, It is expected to grow in the CAGR of 40% to $ 2.8 billion by 2022. Driven largely by smartphones, cheap data and cheap money, rapid growth is expected to increase the overall share of the media and entertainment sector by 4−5%.

    The growth of India’s online gaming market can continue, in response to the increasing participation of local game developers. Motivated by the indulgence of local domain building, many gaming websites are experiencing the emergence of their gaming site. However, the development and monetization of local E-sports remain a major obstacle, but the deep penetration of smartphones and a strong foundation is expected to be the driving force behind India’s online gaming market over the next six years.


    The India Online Gaming market report best combines the market with game type and key regions. In other words, The India Online Gaming market vision report provides an unbiased and detailed analysis of the ongoing India Online Gaming market trends, opportunities/areas of high growth, and market drivers that will help participants plan and adapt their market strategies based on current and future market strengths.

    India’s online gaming financial forecast is also bright. In addition, the Indian sports industry was growing rapidly and could make a lot of money, create employment, ensure proper gambling and reduce and eliminate illegal activities, such as game fixes and money laundering, if put under the law and taxed properly.

    Why choose India to invest?

    75% of the population of India is under the age of 45 making it the largest e-sports market. This is the right set of crowd picking e-games in hopes of earning good money by playing online. Tapping this Indian market should not be difficult, as long as they fully know the good and the bad.
    business strategy:-
    India online gaming market has grown by almost 60% over the past three years, and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Over time, it may have the potential to generate revenue for the Indian box office but more than double. The average consumer has a price tag and is sensitive to prices, and product strategies and monetization models reflect this.

    Most of the revenue from games is made through advertising, and a small portion comes from in-app purchases. So far, the business model has been free to play and is a high-tech way to play mobile games, a low entry barrier for potential gamers.


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