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Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

There is no doubt about the fact that React Native is one of the most extensively cross-platform app development frameworks. Be it, entrepreneurs or developers, both are quite glad to hire React Native Developers as it allows completing the development process rapidly.

React Native development is frequently used to construct fresh new applications from scratch irrespective of the OS platform. This is the reason why it was the most common cross-platform mobile framework used by developers. Moreover, with its phenomenal popularity, the demand for React Native development is expanding by leaps and bounds. But with the increase in demand, there are several factors that you need to consider before React Native app creation.

Irrespective of the mobile OS platform, React Native app development blunders might prove disastrous for your organization. React Native is an excellent platform to construct highly scalable applications. But the onus is on the developers to be mindful of the beginner mistakes and realize the benefits of the framework.

In this article, we will explain and show you the error to avoid while designing React Native app. Moreover, we will also look at the effect of the mistakes while designing React Native apps.

Thus, without further ado, let us get into the details.

Before diving into the faults, let us review the advantages of React Native app development

Benefits of React Native app development

Since its beginnings, React Native development is proliferated by leaps and bounds, and here are the reasons why:

  • It is easier to design performance-based applications. These apps are also incredibly robust and reliable
  • Hire React Native Developer London, UK , so having a relatively easy learning curve. Thus, even beginners can get familiar with the framework quickly
  • It contains a property of code reusability which supports the speed of the entire development process
  • The app development framework features a nice and rich UI/UX design
  • Direct installation approach which is really easy

React Native provides a wide spectrum of developer’s community. Thus, if there is a problem the React Native developers can consult with the community to find answers

The React Native apps run reliably on both iOS and Android OS platforms. Along with this, it creates solutions to allow adoption on VR devices, Smart TVs, etc.

Mistakes to avoid away from while designing React Native apps

React Native app development is generally touted as the ‘future of hybrid app development. But if your app development team is prone to make dumb mistakes, you will not be able to use the framework. Thus to address this issue for you, we have listed some of the most typical mistakes that you must avoid. Keeping away from these blunders would increase your entire mobile application development process.

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Disproportionate Image Optimization

Image optimization is the most significant procedure as far as application development is concerned. But despite this, a big chunk of app development teams ignore this approach. Due to such ignorance, there are great chances of receiving misaligned photos in the end product.

The load time of the photos on your website or app mostly depends on image optimization. Moreover, optimization will also aid in resizing the photographs locally and after that you can upload them directly to cloud storages. Thus, apart from having synchronized photographs, image optimization also aids in the easy upload of the images in cloud storage.

Proper picture optimization makes the entire software lightweight, enhancing its performance and scalability.

Thus, to design a full-fledged app, you should remain away from this Native app development blunder.

Misaligned redux store planning

A developer must focus on unique things for every new project. But when you plan more on the app interface and less on the data management, you are committing blunders. Competent redux store planning is vital as it aids in storing the data correctly. In addition, it debugs the app rates and conducts data managing as well. So when you mess up the redux store strategy, you have dug your own death.

Moreover, if you have a tiny project, you should mindfully remain away from the redux store planning. Because the developers have to create large line codes for doing tiny adjustments. Thus, redux store planning is more appropriate for big scale applications.

Below are the steps that will keep you away from this React Native app development mistake:

Always configure the store

  • Do not forget to construct a store hierarchy and organize your files in order
  • Focus on adding more reducers and combining them
  • Give a serious thought to incorporate middleware
  • Not putting adequate attention to details

Poor estimate in React is one of the key faults. Yes, there will be a number of reusable components available for the developers, however iOS and Android have different layouts. In addition, the structure of the page might be completely different for both iOS and Android completely. Thus, it is inevitable that the developers must provide their attention to details or lose considerable time.

Developers should also shy away from using external modules in the effort to save time. Because in doing this, people can overlook to read the codes that are retrieved from the modules. This tendency of disrespecting the codes can produce enormous troubles in the long term.

In addition, adding other modules can hamper the functionality of the existing codes by conflicting with them. Thus, the developers must avoid this  app development blunder and pay attention to details.

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