Quality inspection of coaxial cable

With the intention to help people choose a suitable coaxial cable, Easybom has proposed the following advice. According to the advice given by Easybom, you should check the integrity of the insulating medium, measure the consistency of the insulating medium, test the braided mesh of coaxial cable, check the quality of aluminum foil, and check the tightness of the outer sheath.

1. Check the integrity of the insulation material

The outer surface of the insulating medium attaches to the outer conductor and aluminum foil. The standard coaxial cables have a pretty round cross-section. The medium with a more round outer surface has a smaller gap with the aluminum foil. A series of practices have shown that the smaller the gap is, the better the performance is. In addition, the air is easily invading the shielding layer if the gap is large, thus affecting the service life of the cable.

2. Measure the consistency of the insulating medium

Fluctuations in the diameter of the edge medium of a coaxial cable mainly affect the echo coefficient of the cable. Check the outer diameter of each point of a section of the cable with a micrometer to see whether they are consistent.

3. Test the braided mesh of coaxial cable

The braided mesh plays an important role in the shielding performance of the coaxial cable. Moreover, it is the return line of the power supply in the centralized power supply cable TV line. Therefore, whether the textile network is tight and flat must check. Check the number of braided nets of the coaxial cable.

When it matches the given index value, it features good quality. Besides, measure a single braided mesh with a spiral micrometer. At the same price, the thicker the wire diameter is, the better the quality is.

4. Check the quality of the aluminum foil

Aluminum foil plays an important role in the shielding of coaxial cable. It is used to avoid external open-circuit signal interference and cable TV signal confusion, thus the quality of aluminum foil should be checked for new coaxial cables. First, open the sheath layer and then observe whether the braided wire and the surface of aluminum foil maintain a good luster; secondly, wind a piece of cable on a small metal shaft tightly, straighten it and wind in the opposite direction several times, and then cut it. Check if the aluminum foil broke or crack on the cable sheath. You can also cut out a small section of aluminum foil and knead and stretch it repeatedly in your hands. If it is not broken after repeated kneading and stretching, the product with a certain degree of toughness is qualified, otherwise, it is inferior.

5. Check the tightness of the outer casing

The high-quality coaxial cables have a tightly wrapped outer sheath so as to narrow the gap in the shielding layer, avoid air oxide, and avoid the relative sliding of the shielding layer to make electrical performance drift. However, squeezing the package too tightly will cause inconvenience in stripping and increase the difficulty of construction. Use a cable of 1m with the protective layer at the end moved. The core cannot be pulled out with force has good quality.

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