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Six powerful reasons to learn English

The reasons for learning English may be relative from one person to another according to the needs and goals of each individual, but many of us may agree that living in a country whose native language is not your mother tongue may be a challenging matter, but it will benefit you greatly to learn any new language, I came across Situations that made me feel grateful that I accepted the challenge and learned English.

Six powerful reasons to learn English

Being fluent in speaking a second language gives you many advantages that you did not have before!

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  1. Get a deeper view of the world around you
  • English is known as the language of the international information network.
  • In order to understand the largest sector of the world and facilitate the process of communication between you and them, the English language becomes the most important tool at all in this regard.
  • It gives us the ability to be reading, listening and writing between us and a wider range of people. It’s no wonder that modern day bestsellers are all written in English.

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  1. learning English language gives you the opportunity to join the best universities in the world
  • Who among us does not aspire to the opportunity to study in the most famous universities in the world in order to achieve his goal and prove himself in his field of specialization or in a new field?
  • Therefore, your English learning has become indispensable so that you can accept these universities.
  • according to language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and others that qualify you to study in these universities.

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  1. Upgrading your career level and getting new job opportunities

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  1. You can easily travel anywhere in the world
  • The importance of the English language in travel appears as it is the most widely spoken language in the world.
  • Even if you are traveling to a non-English speaking country, you see yourself that the first language you might think of as a tool for communicating with others is when you are traveling outside your country in general or in European countries in general.
  • Private is the English language in which you can communicate with others in airports, hotels, and banks and ask about vital places.

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Imagine yourself in a country where you don’t understand anyone and no one else can understand you, no matter why you are in this town!

A real feeling of a mixture of fear and loss, but in the presence of a common language next to the mother tongue.

it may make you feel reassured and psychologically comfortable that you have the ability to communicate with others easily.

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  1. Improve your skills and boost your self-confidence
  • dialogues and conversations are highly influential in others,
  • This also applies when you speak English.
  • It makes us feel stressed and it is normal for stress to affect our confidence level.

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  1. A brain exercises

Learning English is an exercise for the mind.

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