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The academic language

but Academic language, Academic language, What is considered a good and neutral academic style may vary slightly between different subjects and institutions. Academic language, However, most agree that academic text is characterized by:


This often means that you get a text with many nouns. Academic language, They are the word class that carries the most information:
Unconcentrated: The essay will investigate how students develop their writing. (12 words, 25% noun.)
Concentrated: The essay will examine students’ writing development. (5 words, 60% noun.)


It thus contains no feelings or unfounded perceptions.
Subjective: It feels like many high school students find math difficult.
Objective: The results of the thesis and previous research indicate that many high school students find mathematics difficult.


There is no general ban on the word I, but it is good not to overuse it.  It has an unclear meaning and you and we suggest that the writer speaks to his reader. This is not done in an academic text. Feel free to use the passive form, where it works. If you have a very personal style, it also needs to be toned down.
Personal: In this essay, I examine students’ writing development.

Note! Some institutions do my paper not think that the word I should appear at all. You need to find out for yourself what your particular department and your teachers think.

Written language

Many different components together make a text written language, including concentration and that there is a large proportion of nouns. Another is that the writer has avoided words, word forms, and expressions used in spoken language, as in these examples:
Spoken: talk, check, work, our, while, out, because that
Written language: speak, examine, work, spring, while, of, because
A quick way to determine how spoken or written a text is to look at the word length. Many short words give a spoken language text, fewer and longer words give a written language:
Spoken: And then we would see if we could talk to someone who worked there.
Written language: We then investigated the possibility of an employee meeting.

Caution is about not being too sure of your thing. In addition, it is never possible to be completely sure in academic contexts. Academic language, Therefore, it is common to see expressions that indicate, may be a consequence of, an interpretation is that… in academic texts.
Not careful: The results show that mathematics is a difficult subject.
Caution: The results indicate that many students perceive mathematics as a difficult subject.is

An academic text must be clear and unambiguous. Therefore, choose words with a clear and definite meaning and clarify and define concepts that can be ambiguous. It is mainly this feature that makes less experienced readers like to describe academic texts as “difficult” with “many strange words”, as in this example: but Academic language, It may take longer to read and require more effort to understand the concentrated and precise text. Getting to know the style is nevertheless an important part of learning a subject.

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