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The Trend of Social WiFi Marketing and its Outcomes

Businesses are always striving to find and try new ways of marketing. However, they deploy only those marketing methods in their business strategies that are economical and effective. And technological advancements are helping them to achieve their goals on their own terms. One such modern trend started because of the WiFi technology is ‘wifi marketing for business.’ All the offline businesses are following this trend. To increase their sales and give their business a boost, they have started using already existing WiFi hotspot for the purpose of social WiFi marketing.

The use of WiFi for business has helped brick-and-mortar retail stores to not only keep their existing customers but attract new ones too. This is because smartphone users have reached billions and people like to keep their phones with them always. They do this to stay connected with the rest of the world. And when you offer free WiFi in your venue, they will prefer your store for the later visits. And what you will get in return is whenever a shopper tries to connect with your WiFi, he provides you with some information. You can use that information for the purpose of remarketing. Want to learn more? Continue reading!

What is Social WiFi Marketing?

Offering free WiFi to the guest is common in offline businesses for a few years. Some of those businesses have gone one step above and started using WiFi for business growth. They are using their existing WiFi to market their products and services. When a customer comes to their venue and tries to connect with their WiFi, he encounters a login page where he has to share his information to use the internet for browsing. Although, this method is also successful, yet offering an option to log in with their social media account saves a lot of time for your valuable customer.

And what WiFi providers get in return is customer information through their social media account. Furthermore, customers will give like on your social media page and this will improve your online presence. And the contact information like email, phone number, social media account, you can use for the purpose of remarketing.

Some Benefits of Social WiFi Marketing for Business Development:

Offering guest WiFi is not only a perk for customers but it also gives you increased visibility, data collection, and revenue. According to Statista, there are over 4 billion smartphone users in the world and this means nearly every other person carries a smartphone. They keep these phones with them always to stay connected with the rest of the world. And to do this they need an active internet connection.

Cellular companies charge them very high rates on mobile data, therefore, free WiFi is very valuable for them. Guest WiFi will not only save them on their mobile data but it will be much faster than mobile internet. And for businesses, the benefits are enlisted below,

Small Businesses Get Increased Foot Traffic:

For your brick-and-mortar business, you don’t only need a banner announcing a sale to gain foot traffic. Getting likes and reviews via social media apps is important too. Often, people prefer to go to a venue that is offering free WiFi and that has a stronger social media presence. Therefore, offering fast, free WiFi at your business can literally put your business on the map for people who would otherwise not come to you.

Customers Spend More Time and Money at Your Business:

Businesses ranging from hospitality to retail are benefiting from a free WiFi marketing tool. Customers spend more time in their venues due to free WiFi availability and this, in turn, makes them spend more money there. The venue from a place to shop becomes a place to hang out and this attracts more shoppers.

Increased Customer Tracking:

When offering free WiFi, you are in control of the network connection, and that means you can set your website as the browser landing page, collect customer data, and target ads directly to their devices. This not only benefits you in marketing but ensures all customers are aware of specials, add-ons, and other services offered, without depending on employees to physically reach and spend time with every customer on the premises.

Moreover, the data you collect from social WiFi marketing can be used for the purpose of remarketing. You can also get feedback through this customer data. Feedback is very important for you because it is a sure way to enhance your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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