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Top 7 Benefits of Flutter App Development

Flutter is a mobile app development framework that has become quite popular among coders across the world. According to stats, 42% of software developers utilize Flutter. It has all the components of cross-platform and native development models to build robust applications in less time.

Many companies have successfully developed cross-platform apps. For that, they had to hire a Flutter app developer. If you also want to be one of such companies, then you can also hire Flutter app developer. Choosing Flutter comes with several advantages that we are going to discuss here. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at its top 7 benefits.

Faster Code Writing 

Flutter ensures fast coding for the developers. Typically iOS and Android developers have to wait for compilation after completing coding. The changes made in the code will instantly reflect on the app.  This is due to hot reload, which only takes milliseconds to reflect changes and enables faster experimenting.

If you hire Flutter app developer, they can communicate with your design team and QA engineers to see and check the changes effectively. This is what makes Flutter app development is faster than other cross-platform development frameworks.

Apart from that, there are customizable widgets to create applications easily. Thus the entire process is faster and simpler. 

Large Community Support

Flutter was first released in May 2017 by the tech giant Google. Hence, there is a robust community of developers who continuously work to contribute to making Flutter better. Also, Google consistently supports Flutter developers with frequent updates. 

The Flutter app community is ever-growing since its first release. Flutter has around 132000 stars on Github. So you can imagine how popular Flutter is among developers.

Flutter has a friendly community, where beginners can easily learn from the experts. Moreover, Google also organizes several events to discuss new advancements in Flutter.

Open Source Technology 

Flutter is an open-source development technology. If you hire a dedicated Flutter developer, you can use it for free. It also offers easy posting of issues and access to documentation from an open developer forum.

This helps Flutter programmers to learn and grow along with the other developers. It enhances the efficiency and productivity of the coder. This reduces the time is taken and costs for the entire project. 

Apart from this, there are good resources to start with. The pub. dev is a tool, which shows how to use styles, animations, and other manipulations.

Single Codebase

In the past few years, mobile apps have become very popular among users. According to this stat, every day 3700 mobile apps are generally launched. With that popularity, there are many operating systems that have emerged in the market. 

Here the cross-platform frameworks have a significant role to play, and Flutter is one of those. It allows the programmers to write the code once, and they can use it for multiple platforms. This means the single version of an app will run on both iOS and Android. 

This will save a lot of time and effort to write the code for different platforms. It also saves a lot of time on the overall cost of developing an app. 

Dart Programming Language

Flutter applies Dart as an object-oriented programming language to create apps. Dart is quite an easy language to learn, and Google developers are putting tremendous effort into its documentation. Its ecosystem is quite simple, and SDKs (software development kit) is easy to use. 

Dart comes up with a rich library, strong typing, and generics. It is quite similar to Java and uses a lot of features of other languages as well. 

It even comes with the DartPad, a straightforward interface that eliminates the need for installation. You just have to write the code and click on the run command to execute the code. One also doesn’t need any specific hardware configurations to run dart, as it is compatible with all OS and browsers.

Native App Performance

When you hire a dedicated Flutter app developer to build apps on Flutter, you get fast execution on any platform. This is due to the Dart programming language, which is fast, simple, and easily compilable to native code. It also enhances the performance of the application as compared to the other app development platform.

Though it is a cross-platform framework, it offers a beautiful native-like performance. 

High Performance

Though Flutter is a cross-platform framework, it doesn’t mean it will perform poorly. 

Flutter’s engine is built in such a way that it offers good performance and high speed, as it communicates with the native module directly. Utilizing Flutter, you can build a single-page app, video streaming apps, IoT applications, and much more. And the best part, all the apps will be equally stable and high-performing. 


Flutter is the best choice for your business as it enables you to develop cross-platform apps in less time and capital. Apart from that, you leverage Flutter for its high performance, community support, Single codebase, hot reloading and other benefits that we have mentioned in this article.

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