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Whatsapp PLUS, an unofficial third-party version enhanced with Modded Stylesheet files and customized for your needs, is Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus is a third-party version of Whatsapp. All your messages and conversations are sent through these servers.

The developer made some modifications to the UI and added additional functionalities. You can show one tick to the sender of a message. WhatsApp Plus APK has a single-tick option that shows one tick to the sender of a message, regardless of whether the message is read or received.

The interface of Whatsapp Plus is nearly identical to the WhatsApp. You will see a lot more moded differences when you use it. DND (Do Not Disturb) will be displayed on the wifi sign. It will stop sending and receiving messages if it is turned off.

WhatsApp Plus APK Features

The bottom of the screen has a plus sign. This opens Whatsapp Plus options when you tap it. You will first see the log. This shows you information about your activities within the app. There are many customization options and interesting features that you will find in this version of WhatsApp. The Auto-Reply Message function automatically responds to messages. To make it work, tap on the + sign and then click on Edit like icon. You will see the Auto Reply Message option.

WhatsApp Plus allows you to download themes. This option allows you to personalize the app to your liking. The WA plus UI can be customized by users. This includes changing header color and size, pop-up notifications, widgets, and conversation screens.


You can change your WhatsApp Plus privacy settings to hide your writing status from others.

You can hide recording status and writing status from other users.

Get cool, trendy, and current sticker packs from our site and add them to your WhatsApp status and chats.

The Auto-reply feature is available in the latest version of Whatsapp+. It allows you to set auto-reply to other people who message you.

This feature is not available in all Mod versions. This feature is called the theme option. It allows you to customize your WhatsApp Plus theme. There are many themes to choose from.

Whatsapp+ offers a wide range of fonts in stunning sizes and styles. They are sure to please.

Let me first tell you that Whatsapp Plus was never free. However, the main disadvantage to Whatsapp Plus now is a ban. If you use WA+, your account may be suspended or lost. Your primary number is not allowed. Instead, you should use a temporary number. This will not affect your ban. You can find more information at Safe Use of Whatsapp Plus.


Let me end by letting you know that this article is about WhatsApp Plus the latest version. It is strongly recommended that you do not use your primary account on the app. This could lead to a ban. Before downloading the latest version of Whatsapp Plus APK, you should read about temporarily blocked accounts. Keep visiting GBPlus.Org to download the latest WhatsApp Plus version and other MODs like GbWhatsapp or YO Whatsapp.

GB Plus

I myself also use this APK for many causes which is the basic usage of WhatsApp Plus, I use WhatsApp plus to use multiple accounts of WhatsApp, to hide my online status and hide blue seen ticks. Even, I use WhatsApp plus to impress my friends with ultimate WhatsApp Plus features. I hope, your necessities are not different from my necessities. You also want many themes for WhatsApp, want to use many accounts, and hide your online status, then you are in the right place.

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