Which Necromancer Golem Is Best In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected the player can choose a Necromancer golem. Players can use this golem to attack enemies or take damage. So the average player will choose a golem for his build.

There are four golems to choose from in Diablo 2 Resurrected: clay, fire, blood, and iron golems. So which should we choose?

Before players choose which Necromancer golem to use, they should know something about it. We can choose an optimal golem according to our understanding.

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All Necromancer golems in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Blood Golem

The Worst - Blood Golem

After maximizing the mercenary’s potential, players will be disappointed that this companion is far inferior to their last companion. The idea of the blood golem is that its life leech, giving itself 70% of the stolen life, and giving the Necromancer 30%, will keep the Necromancer’s healing.

There are two main problems with this. First, blood golems do 55-147 damage at level 20 but are too weak for healing. With a life of 210 years, it can’t even keep itself alive for long. Second, to be effective, it requires a large point investment in the other three golems, at which point it will be weaker than the other options.

Fire Golem

Fire Golem

Fire Golem like actually absorbs and is healed by enemy fire damage, making it the best of the four options against this type of enemy. Its base damage is by far the best of the 4 golems, so a full investment will make it the best DPS companion in the game.

But seeing this as the last skill in the tree and thinking that means it must be the “best” option is one of the many mistakes newbies make when playing the game. Maximum investment means it has to spend a lot of money on other golems to stay alive and deliver a powerful blow.

Iron Golem

Iron Golem

The iron golem may be the best in the game, but it comes with a huge caveat. Its base damage and attack power are pitifully low, so for it to shine, it has to be crafted with a metal weapon. The better the weapon, the better the puppet.

To compete with Clay Golem and become a worthy damage dealer, it needs to use one of the best runes in the game. This iron golem was an expensive investment, and its death could be catastrophic. If it dies, there is no refund. Its defenses are pretty good, but as a feature build it will hopefully get bonuses from fire and clay golems.

Clay Golem

Clay Golem

Clay Golem is hard to beat. Unlike other tanks, its health is naturally scalable. So even if it doesn’t need the iron golem’s defense buff, it’s the best tank. Its damage is very low, almost as low as iron golems made from armor. But that’s not the main function of clay golems.

Attacking enemy speed decreased from 11% at level 1 to 63% at level 20. This is as powerful as any other skill. And Clay Golem doesn’t miss out, as it has a scaled attack rating that doesn’t require any help from other Golems to make it most accurate.

When we choose a Golem we can use some d2r ladder items to strengthen him. A stronger Necromancer Golem can help us even more.

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