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The keystone of PROFI founding was the simple business premise that excellence and customer care can be a competitive advantage in the language services industry. Today the world’s largest privately held translation services company, PROFI has a network of carefully selected tested professional translators across a wide range of disciplines and in-house quality assurance managers to ensure our excellence is unparalleled. Übersetzungsbüro Profi Fachübersetzung offers various types of services depending on the needs of its clients – from draft or abstract translations to certified translations,





5  ISO certified 17100

Written translation of documents

While PROFI now offers a wide variety of business solutions, 35 years ago we started out as a simple document translation service. Since then, we have consistently been pioneers in our industry, continually raising the level of quality and service to unprecedented heights. PROFI (Übersetzungsbüro Profi Fachübersetzung) became the first major linguistic services organization to be ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified and the first company to offer a linguistic specialization certification program to assess their competence and industry knowledge in german.


No language service provider can offer features like (PROFI) professional translation agency for translations and interpreting more than 35 years of experience to meet your multilingual content needs:

Written Translation of patents

In the competition era, speedy translation and validation of the documents can increase the profit rate. Working regularly with many of the world’s law firms and the legal departments of the largest Fortune 500 companies. PROFI is recognized for its unrivaled patent translation timeframes and outstanding expertise. With over 45,000 patent documents to its credit. PROFI has the knowledge and experience that only an experienced firm can offer.

Written Translation of patents requires more than just knowledge of a particular language. The PROFI Linguist Certification program has been designed to ensure that every project handled by a professional linguist with experience in the field. PROFI gives you access to thousands of multilingual and disciplinary professionals including linguists with advanced degrees in areas such as:





Computer science

Machine translate

Companies today have to manage a huge amount of content across all sorts of platforms and channels – and all the while at blazing speed. In addition, most of this content should be available in different languages. PROFI uses the globaL link which was designed for providing assistance to customers to keep content up to date by combining the best BMPT technology(best of breed neural machine) with better quality business and process optimization.

Contact us to learn how you can take a personalized approach to machine translation to maximize the return on your translation investment.

Computer-aided translation (CAT)

PROFI uses advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. To make it easy to reuse previously translated content stored in translation memory (TM). Translation memory helps organizations reduce translation costs and lead times while improving overall translation consistency. Over the years, this benefit is enhanced by the increase in translation memory resources. And is amplified by the use of tools such as GlobalLink TM Server and GlobalLink Term Manager. Which centralize translation memory resources and control glossaries, respectively.

Translation management technology

PROFI GlobalLink translation management technology a collection of modular applications designed. Specifically to simplify the tasks people face when managing translation projects. By streamlining workflows, giving members direct access to project status reports, overseeing review processes, and maintaining audit trails. GlobalLink simplifies the entire translation process from application to publication. That result improved translation quality. Shorter turnaround times. Reduced workload. and significant cost savings, saving millions of dollars.

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