Enjoy Seamless Membership Administration with PlanSplit Membership Management System

Membership management systems are gaining traction in today’s competitive market. As a fantastic alternative to in-house options, this system has remarkably streamlined membership administration activities. Today, providers can create and sell usage-based service plans without the need to handle the rigors of signup, payment collection, cancellation, and renewals. PlanSplit’s online membership management software system will do it for them. Now, providers can make the most of the software to increase recurring revenue for their healthcare practice and enjoy increased loyalty, compliance, and commitment from customers.

Signing up with such a membership management system contributes to increased consumer retention and loyalty. It enables providers to create and sell wellness plans and administer membership.

How does the PlanSplit Online Membership Management Software Perform?

Unified Access:

Using membership management software, providers can enjoy unified access to all data and information in one place. Further, it drops the need for a separate merchant account. It offers numerous membership management tools, enabling your staff to access plan usage data anytime, from anywhere.

Save Time with Streamlined Operations:

Our online membership management software simplifies and streamlines repetitive, day-to-day tasks with automated workflows. Plus, it reduces the staff workload, enabling your employees to concentrate on other aspects of the practice. Our powerful and intuitive features aim to simplify operations for your practices, members, volunteers, and board. Now, use our multiple membership management tools and enjoy increased loyalty, compliance, and retention.

Automated Billing Process:

The automation of the billing process contributes to the growth of your business or services. The PlanSplit membership management system houses a variety of automation tools to simplify registration and membership renewal activities, reducing staff workload. For your consumers, the membership management system facilitates automatic renewals, renewals to a different plan, annual payment discounts for variable plan periods, item groups, and more.

Zero Paperwork:

One of the biggest perks of signing up with the PlanSplit membership management system is zero paperwork. Unlike traditional in-house membership management systems, our software allows your consumers to view their usage, savings, etc., on their dashboard.

Increase Your Revenue:

With PlanSplit online membership software, providers can diversify their revenue sources. You can create multiple plans by leveraging our sustainable recurring revenue split billing platform. Our e-marketplace is the right place to put your plans into action and gain new clients.

By joining us on our usage-based membership split billing platform, you can let your consumers buy and manage plans across several healthcare categories, including dental, mental health, veterinary, medial aesthetics, optometry, chiropractic, and other general wellness care.

The goal is to bring your community together with a simple and intuitive membership database that automates your tasks and scales up your practice. Additionally, PlanSplit offers recurring billing that enables you to offer unlimited memberships, packages, and plans to your customers.

Thus, the system helps strengthen the bond between providers and consumers, enabling both to benefit from the platform. While providers can create plans and packages, consumers can bypass the tedious signup, payment, plan changes, renewal, and cancellation processes.

Backend plans management tasks are automation driven and human supported on the PlanSplit platform.

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