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GATE Preparation and Last Minute Tips 2022

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the oldest, most prestigious, and competitive entrance exams for admission to postgraduate courses in IITs and IISc.

Tens of thousands of students appear every year in GATE. The cutoffs range from 95-99% or even more. In order to secure a place in the top institutes, it is necessary to study hard.

I have prepared this blog post for the students who are about to appear for the GATE Examination. This post gives you all the important tips for GATE preparation along with content-based strategy. There are so many gate coaching institutes in Calicut. Arc is one of the best GATE coaching centers in Calicut.

Exam Preparation Tips

GATE 2022 is schedule to be conduct on July 18, 2022. The exam will be held across all the cities where the GATE exam is usually held. In order to appear for the GATE examination, you will have to register for it by June 10, 2022.

Till now no official notification about GATE 2022 has been declaring but we can expect the same pattern this time too. This article contains all the information about GATE Exam Preparation Tips and Last-minute Tips for GATE 2022:

GATE 2018 was conducted on April 8, 2018. Till now results have not been announced so we can’t say whether the GATE exam pattern will remain the same or some changes will happen.  

First of all, the number of participating students may increase as last year more than 1 lakh students appeared for the same exam. 

Understand Concepts & Fundamentals

As the GATE exam is a national-level exam, it is important to have a good command of the fundamentals of Engineering. It is therefore highly recommend that you try to clear your basics at least one year before appearing for the GATE exam.

Attend as many classes as possible, master all the formulas, and practice more and more problems.

Start Early for GATE Preparation

The very first thing you need to do is start early for preparation, it will help you to understand concepts better and prepare accordingly.

Start with the basics, get the concepts clear in your mind, study them well, and if possible, try to develop a taste for it.

Don’t just read the books or notes, try to solve practice papers that will be provided by your coaching institutes, don’t try to solve too many at one go, and limit yourself to two or three per day. Also, solve some theory questions on your own, you can find answers online or ask seniors who have already written and cleared the gate examination.

Frequent Revision

Here we are offering some helpful tips for gate preparation. We are here to guide you throughout your whole gate preparation. The first and the most important step is to revise your concepts on a daily basis. Do not leave even a single topic without revision. This will help you to remember all that you have learned. Moreover, revise your notes several times and try to identify which topics seem to be difficult for you, then go through them again and again until they become easy for you.

To achieve this, make a timetable for yourself in which you can allocate time for each subject for revision. Choose one day in a week where you can devote more time towards revision instead of studying new topics in that particular day. Make short notes and revise them thoroughly every day before starting your main study/ revision of that particular topic again and again.

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