Hassle Free-Ways Convert Image to PDF File Extension

If you want to convert image to PDF file format but don’t know the steps, then read the article to understand the different procedures of manual and automated methods.

Query-1 “Hi I am searching for a method to combine pictures into PDF file for Windows operating systems. Also, I have tried many online manual methods to carry out these conversion processes. But they have several limitations and issues. Are there any simple ways to implement the process?”

Query-2 “Hi I have a bunch of data that are stored in images file format on my computer system. Now I want them to be converted into PDF format so that I can share them on the mail server. Please provide me a safe and secure method to complete the task.”

It is a much easier task if you know the rightful process of exporting the pictures into PDF file documents.

Windows users don’t need to use manual methods that are available online. Microsoft Windows provides a facility to conduct the conversion process.

Combine Picture into PDF Extension

Convert Image to PDF on Windows using Microsoft Print to PDF Method

  1. Open the image and press ‘Ctrl + P’.
  2. Once the Print dialog box is open, go to the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ option.
  3. Click on the ‘Print’ button and then enter the file name.
  4. Define the path for the exported PDF files and click the ‘Save’ option.

Drawback & Limitations

  1. It does not maintain the quality of the photos /pictures to change image file to PDF format.
  2. Users have to repeat the same task to add multiple images into a PDF file.

Combine Picture into PDF File Using Automated Method

Best Image Converter Software is a trusted and reliable solution to export images to PDF format.

It is a powerful utility that has many useful features such as PDF security, PDF age layout, etc.

The software also supports other formats like DOC, DOCX, HTML, and TEXT(base64) extensions.

Steps to Combine Pictures into PDF Format

  • Install and launch the software to change image file to PDF.

convert Image to PDF on windows

  • Click the ‘Add File’ or ‘Add Folder’ option to insert pictures.

Add File

Click the ‘Change’ button to locate the path of exported PDF file.

select the PDF location

Select the PDF option and change settings accordingly.

convert Image to PDF on windows

The last step is to click the ‘Convert’ option.

combine pictures into PDF

Features of the Software

  1. Preview Image- The software will provide a preview of the selected image before starting the process.
  2. Convert Image to PDF in Bulk- The tool supports conversion of multiple images to PDF format in a single go.
  3. Support Multiple Exported File Formats- It provides 5 different options I.e HTML, PDF, DOC, DOCX, and TEXT(base 64) formats to export pictures.
  4. Maintain Image Quality- It is created with the latest algorithm that does not pixelate quality on photos/images.
  5. Support All Images Formats- The software supports all the image extensions like JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, TGA, etc.
  6. Provide PDF Security Options- Users can specify the page orientation, margin, size of the PDF page. Users also can set various restrictions on PDF files like password.
  7. Display Live Conversion Report- The software will show the live count of Total, Success, and fail count of exported images.

Why Need to Change Image File to PDF Format

  1. PDF files are universally accepted by all platforms and make it easier to analyze and edit all the images data at once.
  2.  PDF files have excellent quality and are best suitable to transfer or migrate documents.
  3. Also, PDF files are mostly used for sharing data.
  4. It supports and can be viewable on all platforms or devices.
  5. Images files like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc are difficult to email because of their large size.

Final Words on How to Change Image File to PDF Format

In this article, we have provided you two different methods to convert Image to PDF file. If users have small or less data he /she can implement Microsoft Print to PDF method.

But if the user has stored a large amount of data to combine pictures into PDF file, we suggest you go with an automated method to prohibit any issue.

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