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How to clear Zoom cache on Mac and iPhone

In this era of online education and work from home culture, the dependency of online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype has reached heights. We use these apps on a regular basis and accumulate a lot of clutter on our Mac. It is important to delete useless files at a regular interval to declutter the device and make room for upcoming files.

The manual process to remove app clutter is tiring and tedious. You need to enter all the folders and sub-folders to dig out app clutter. App clutter may stop you to download and install the latest updates, or show connection issues.

Here are the manual and automated methods to clear the cache on Mac. Let’s try the manual methods before using the Best Mac Uninstaller to automate the process.

Clear Zoom Cache on Mac from App

Zoom App has an inbuilt tab to clear cache, cookies, temp files and other residual app clutter. You can follow these steps to clear app clutter from Zoom App.

Step 1. Launch the Zoom App on your Mac.

Step 2. Click on the Profile icon on the top right and go to the Settings option. You can also click on the Menu, click Zoom and select Preferences.

Step 3. Click on the Zoom App in the left-hand side panel and then click on the Clear button. This will remove all the clutter from Zoom App and refresh the cache.

Clear Zoom Cache from Safari

If you are not an app lover and use Zoom on the browser, you will need to consider cleaning the Safari cache accumulated by Zoom. These steps can help you clear cache on Mac.

Step 1. Click on the Safari icon on the Dock.

Step 2. Click on the Safari menu and select Preferences from the list.

Step 3. Go to the Privacy tab and click on the ‘Manage Website Data’ option.

Step 4. Type Zoom on the Search Bar on the top. It will list out all the Zoom cache, cookies, and temp files. Click on the Remove All button to remove all the Zoom cache from Mac.

Clear Zoom App Cache from Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the favourite browsers of Mac users. If you want to delete the Zoom cache on Mac, these steps can help you do the task.

Step 1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the three dots on the top right.

Step 2. Click on the Settings option from the list.

Step 3. Click on Security and Privacy in the left-hand side panel.

Step 4. Click on the Clear Browsing Data option in the list.

Step 5. Select Time Range as All Times and click on the Clear Data button to clear the cache on Mac.

Clear Zoom Cache on iPhone

iOS users can easily clear zoom cache and delete useless files from iPhones or iPads. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1. Tap on the Settings (Gear Icon) on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to the General tab and tap on iPhone Storage.

Step 3. Scroll down and look for the Zoom app. Tap on it to explore app usage.

Step 4. Click on the Delete App and confirm deleting the app. It will remove the app and its app clutter from your iOS device. Go back to the App Store and install the app again. You can use the same credentials to log in to your Zoom account.

Use the Best Mac Uninstaller

The Best Mac Uninstaller can ensure that all the unwanted apps and app clutter can be removed just with a few clicks. The app can automatically identify and list out all the apps, app data, app clutter, cache, cookies, and temp files.

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Advanced Uninstall Manager

Advanced Uninstall Manager is one of the Best Mac Cleaners available in 2022 compatible with macOS 10.8 and higher. It can list out all the installed apps on a single platform along with app data and usage.

You can see all the cache, cookies, supporting files, app logs, and other app clutter for all the individual apps. You can click on the Zoom app and select all the associated files. Click on the Delete button at the bottom to remove all the Cache and cookies.

Advanced Uninstall Manager also makes it easy to uninstall Apps. You can click on the Uninstall tab on the top left and it will list out all the installed apps. Click on the App and then click on the Uninstall button. It will remove the app and associated files from your Mac. Apps added in your favourites folders can also be accessed and cleaned with this intuitive app.

Summing Up

This article on how to clear Zoom cache on Mac and iPhone has all the simplest steps to delete useless files. You can clear the cache on Mac without uninstalling programs on Mac.

We have covered steps to clear the cache on Mac, Safari, Google Chrome, and iOS devices manually or with the help of the Best Uninstall Manager. The Best Mac Uninstaller can automate the process of cleanup and keep your Mac as good as new.

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