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Reasons for Re.rockspace.local not working

The Re.rockspace.local is the admin web domain. Or you can say the name used to get to the login page. That introduces a Rockspace repeater. You can likewise enter this web domain to access your Rockspace Extender. You can also utilize the default IP address to get to the Rockspace interface instead of Re.rockspace.local web address. Many times we face difficulties in accessing our Rockspace local login page. There is no need to panic. Just follow the entire process given on this web page. Many reasons are there for Reasons for Re.rockspace.local not working after so many attempts.

Basic reasons may cause Re.rockspace.local not working error even after many attempts


  • Check all connected cables

  1. In your first attempt, you should check that your device is properly connected with the Extender.
  2. Clear the cache memory of your Rockspace WIFI extender communicated to the router through WIFI or wired network.
  3. The web address that you are putting in to obtain access Rockspace WIFI extender setup should be accurate.
  4. Make sure the router and the modem are connected accurately. And the router is getting proper internet supply from the modem.
  5. Make sure that the router is powered and the internet LED is turned on. If not, then press the power button.
  • Use the Push Button or WPS Button feature 

  1. Most of the Rockspace repeater is now available in a compact size which is easy to adjust in your house.
  2. All Rockspace repeater models allow you to extend the WIFI range of your wireless router.
  3. You can use the latest feature WPS Button. It is now coming with most of the Rockspace repeaters.
  4. In this, you need to press the push button on your Rockspace WIFI extender setup. And within two minutes, press the WPS button on your router also.
  5. In this way, you can connect your device to the router directly using the WPS button instead of Re.rockspace.local web address.
  • Use Ethernet connection instead of WIFI

  1. Are you facing difficulty in accessing Re.rockspace.local on a wireless WIFI network? Then you have to go for an Ethernet wired connection.
  2. Connect your Rockspace repeater to the router directly through an Ethernet cable. It gives you reliable access to your device.
  3. Try connecting the router. Modem, and the configuration device using Ethernet cable only.
  4. Use a computer or laptop to access Re.rockspace.local web domain instead of a mobile phone or tablet, as these devices do not have any LAN or WAN ports.
  • Upgrade the firmware of your Rockspace repeater

Old or expired firmware can also prevent you from accessing Re.rockspace.local web page. Each firmware has a duration to perform well. After completing that specific period, we all need to replace the firmware with any latest launched version. Moreover, the Rockspace local releases the firmware regularly. You have to keep on checking the firmware update as you found, update it.

  1. Connect your range extender and the router with an Ethernet cable and power on the router to connect it with the WIFI arrangements.
  2. Open any preferred internet browser. And then, type the official web address Re.rockspace.local into the search bar of the browser. And then get the latest firmware.
  3. You can also visit the official website of Rockspace and download the most recent firmware for your device into your computer.
  4. Extract the firmware file from this zipped folder and save it on some easily accessible location of your computer.
  5. Go into the program section and open the System device tabs. Select the firmware Upgrade option and refresh the firmware.
  6. Download the firmware file and click the update firmware option. The firmware update process will start from here.
  7. Never leave or disturb the update process. The Rockspace local firmware update process remains aside to update the firmware instantly.
  8. After finishing the firmware update process, reboot the router, modem and computer. And then try to access Re.rockspace.local web page.


  1. Reset the Rockspace repeater

Have you have tried all the above processes? Are you not able to access the Re.rockspace.local page? Or is your Re.rockspace.local not working? Then you have to reset the range extender to its default factory configuration. By resetting the range extender to its default configuration, you achieve default settings. Reset is the last option after trying all the methods. Resetting has opted as the last option because it brings all your settings to factory default settings. You lost all your customized settings. Before adopting this reset process, take a backup of the entire data you have saved on your device.

Rockspace repeater reset If Re.rockspace.local not working

  1. Take a sharp pin or any pointed object like a needle.
  2. Find a reset button hidden on either side of your Rockspace repeater.
  3. The reset button is very tiny. And it is embedded inside the outer panel of your router.
  4. Press the button gently using the sharp object that you have taken.
  5. Press the reset button for at least fifteen to thirty seconds.
  6. After that, release the button and let the device boot up.
  7. After boot-up, your rockspace_ext setup will obtain its default factory settings.

Now, login back to your Rockspace range extender. Use the Re.rockspace.local as the default login web address. You can now use “ADMIN” as the default login username and password for the basic login home page of your device. After that, you can use all the other settings of your Rockspace repeater.

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