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You’ve started your business and have finally reached the point. Where you need to hire a website developer. So, what do you look for in them? Do you need to be connected to your server 24/7? And how much can you trust them with your data? These are some of the questions that business owners. Those who want to start an online business often ask themselves and they can be difficult to answer because there are such countless various things that should be thought about.
Onlive Server is a reliable dedicated server provider in Switzerland. That provides Dedicated Servers to clients at very cheap and affordable prices. For the security of the data, the Dedicated Server offered by them is kept in a different location from others, so that no one can access your data without your permission, and thus it provides you with 100% security of your website data.

What is Switzerland Dedicated Server

Switzerland Dedicated Server is mainly preferred for its security and availability. We provide fully managed dedicated servers for all kinds of business websites at a very reasonable price. You can check our various plans and features here. If you want your website to be run smoothly then choose a good quality host company like us and we will manage it professionally. Our committed servers are located in an eco-friendly environment in a data center operated by Swiss-based companies.

VPS Server vs Dedicated Server

When it comes to Best Dedicated Server, you can’t get much more dedicated than a physical server in a data center. It’s yours and yours alone, so you have complete control over it. But that kind of exclusivity comes at a price. If cost is your priority, VPS servers are a great alternative because they’re much cheaper but still secure and scalable. While they aren’t as customizable as dedicated servers, they offer enough control to meet most needs. But if you’re going to run an application or website on VPS, check if they need separate databases or IP addresses too. If not — and a good number of them don’t — then consider just hosting that application on one of our WordPress Hosting packages instead for better value for money overall.

Managed vs Unmanaged Services

The first thing you should know is that there are two types of dedicated server services. You have an unmanaged and managed Server. The primary difference between these is that in unmanaged service you have total control over your server and its contents whereas, in managed Server, you don’t have any control over your server’s content as it’s handled by a third party which may sometimes cause security risks for your data. So, if you are looking for a reliable Dedicated Server then go for a managed one.

Why Swiss Datacentre?

When it comes to protecting your data, there’s more at stake than just your reputation. Your business may also be in danger. If you fail to secure sensitive data—whether it’s client or employee information, or software and documents that belong to your organization—you could be exposing yourself to significant legal risk.

How to make Secure your data with Switzerland Dedicated Server

When choosing a server for your website and business applications, you need to consider data security. A company that provides the Dedicated Server in Switzerland has a simple mechanism for improving data security. While creating data centers in Switzerland, the Onlive server uses proper physical protection tools including 24-hour surveillance through cameras. And, full-time monitoring by professional technicians and guards, fire detection systems, and appropriate disaster recovery plans are in place. Every infrastructure is powered by UPS units with built-in generators that would protect against power outages and other problems.

What the Benefits of Switzerland Dedicated Server

you can safeguard your information and keep it secure. Onlive Server has a cheap dedicated server in Switzerland. So, you don’t have to spend a lot on your data safety. Learn more about why choosing cheap servers is ideal for your business. If your company provides important information online, learn how to safely store that data by reading our latest guide from one of our IT experts. Learn more about: what Cheap Dedicated Servers are; some common types available in different countries; how companies choose which one works best for them; and why security is an important factor when choosing servers for safe storage of sensitive information!

How to Get it?

With Onlive servers, all you need is an inexpensive but secure server. One cannot afford a dedicated server when it comes to small business websites. That’s the reason cheap dedicated servers in Switzerland can be easily availed by Swiss businesses. For ensuring the security of their data and applications. Onlive offers reasonably priced yet reliable solutions for start-ups and SMEs as well. They offer 24*7 support apart from expert professionals who are always there to assist customers whenever they get stuck at any stage while using Onlive Server’s Cheap Dedicated Server Switzerland. You can go through our official website for getting more information. About cheap dedicated Servers. And, how your business can benefit from our premium services. You may also send us an email or call us over the phone to ask any queries. You have regarding Dedicated Server.


Data security is one of the major concerns for any business. Any kind of sensitive data should be stored with utmost care and in a secured manner. When it comes to handling highly sensitive data, there are many concerns that need to be addressed. If not given proper care. There is no doubt that your business will suffer greatly. Due to security breaches and other technical issues related directly or indirectly to data security issues. It’s important to understand these issues/. So, that you can plan ahead and remain stress-free when it comes to keeping your data secure. Onlive servers offer fully Managed Dedicated Server for all kinds of businesses at a very reasonable price.

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